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  1. Amguulan (阿穆隆) (born August 30, 1984), commonly known as Amulong or Amu, is a Chinese singer and songwriter of Mongolian descent.

  2. 阿木 - born 2nd May, is a singer from Asia.


    电影:《雪镯》 男一号 …

  3. Jiang Yan (Traditional Chinese: 江一燕 born September 11, 1983) is a singer and actress from mainland China. She was admitted to Beijing Dance Academy…

  4. Chen Chusheng, born on July 25, 1981 in Hainan, was winner of the first "Happy Boys" singing competition (similar to American Idol) in 2007. Released…

  5. name: Apple Ye
    Language: Mandarin

    I Want My Freedom (18 January 2008)

  6. Liu Li Yang (simplified Chinese: 刘力扬; pinyin: Liú Lìyáng, English name: Jade), born in 24 October 1982, first found popularity in the third season…

  7. Isabelle Huang (Chinese: 黄龄; pinyin: Huang Ling), born on February 13, 1987 in Shanghai, is a Chinese singer who gained fame after her popular hit…

  8. 胡杨林, born 6 February 1983, is a Chinese singer.

  9. Zhang Hanyun (Chinese: 张含韵; Pinyin: Zhāng Hányùn; born 9 April 1989), also known as Baby Zhang or Kristy Zhang, is a Chinese singer. Kristy rose…

  10. Sun Nan / 孙楠, born February 18, 1969, is a pop singer from mainland China.

  11. Chang Yu-Sheng (張雨生, Chang Yu Sheng, Tom, June 7, 1966—November 12, 1997) was a Taiwanese male pop singer, as well as a famous composer and…

  12. Lee Sheng Jie
    Sam Lee Sheng Jie
    Sam Li Sheng Jie
    Sam Lee
    Lǐ Shèngjié

    Sam Lee is a Taiwanese singer and songwriter. He is one-quarter…

  13. Ma Tianyu (Chinese: 马天宇; pinyin: Ma Tiānyǔ), born July 12, 1986 in Dezhou, Shandong, China is a Hui mandopop singer, actor, and model who rose to…

  14. 傅穎 / Theresa Fu Wing (born 22 September 1984) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer, film and television actress, and model.

  15. Liu Huan (Chinese 刘欢 simplified; 劉歡 traditional), born August 26, 1963, is a male pop singer and songwriter in China.

  16. 劉畊宏

  17. 龙宽九段 was a Chinese band, dissolved in 2005.

  18. ASOS(A Sisters of Shu;徐氏姊妹)is a taiwanese duo group with Barbie Xu(Hsu also known as Dà S (大S) (Chinese: 徐熙媛) and her sister Dee Xu (Xsu also…

  19. 与非门 (also known as Yufeimen or The Nand) is a Guangzhou-based electronic music band, which is made up of three young people – Jiangfan, lead…


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