• The 2nd Anniversary ━ Most Played Artists / Albums / Tracks until now

    19 Apr 2009, 13:00 by mokwaising

    It's my 2nd Anniversary of Registry on Last.FM today, and it would be worth remembering those most played artists / albums / tracks until now since 2 years ago. Just like music recording sales certification, this journal uses the same concept to monumentalize those works reaching the following thresholds of plays, based on the overall scrobbling data.
    • The play threshold for artist is 75, 150, 800, respectively for gold, platinum and diamond (G, P, D); The G, P, D for album is 60, 120, 400; while Multi-Platinum levels of artist / album equal TWO multiplied by their own platinum levels.
    • It's nearly the same but kinda differect for track, the thresholds for G, P, D are 25, 50, 100, respectively. However, Multi-Platinum for track is not 100 but 75, that is to say, every 25 plays increase results in a platinum increase after it's played over 50.

    Last.FM ~•~ The 2nd Anniversary ━ Artists achieving Platinum Plays
    • 1 謝安琪 ┃ 8P/D
    • 2 容祖兒 ┃ 5P
    • 3 Lene Marlin ┃ 3P