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彩冷える (also known as アヤビエ, romaji: ayabie) is an indies rock band from Japan. Their current line-up is 向日葵 (Aoi) on vocals, 夢人 (Yumehito) and 猛飛 (Takehito) on guitar, インテツ (Intetsu) on bass and ケンゾ (Kenzo) on drums.

彩冷える music style isn't easily placed. While some of their music sounds really heavy, other songs can be very happy. Either way, their music is very catchy.

彩冷える is rather new (created in Spring 2004) but they quickly gained attention. They've released 2 mini-albums: 鉄の島 (Tetsu no shima) and EquAL pRayer 2 aLL and 2 full-lenght album: アヤビエ即完音源集 (ayabie sokukan ongenshuu) and バージン スノー カラー (Virgin Snow color). All of them were released in 2005! For a band this young they already published a lot of singles too.

They did a European tour in 2006. Visiting Germany, France and Finland.

Sadly, 猟兵 (Ryouhei) left 彩冷える this summer. This way they lost their band leader and main songwriter. Luckily they found the support of 夢人 (Yumehito), guitarist and main songwriter of the young yet very talented そろばん (Soroban) that disbanded this year.

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