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  • Avatar for flowersandwinds
    ...♬*゜♪♫~ ( ✿˘︶˘✿ ) .。.:* ♬*゜♪♫•*¨*•.¸¨❤¨¸.•*¨*•♫♪ℒv...
  • Avatar for linppl
    那件事情起因经过都有人po出来 是谁不合时宜 是谁过分了 相信是人都有个判断。 当然 这和音乐本身一点关系都没有。
  • Avatar for Xaniou
    best music to listen at night
  • Avatar for Pianointhewind
  • Avatar for ComeAsYouR
    more than love
  • Avatar for sunrisezihan
    @SpiderCorpse 没污染啊。。。。。。我坚信焦小姐是没有错的。
  • Avatar for SpiderCorpse
    别让这也被污染了 , 喜爱带着玫瑰色眼睛的你
  • Avatar for Reckless_Py
    @sunrisezihan 五毛是一部分原因。我相信还是大多数人从小被“洗脑”过深,盲目地去反对一些什么。不思考是一个严重的问题。
  • Avatar for sunrisezihan
    @Reckless_Py 我想這種無理由的跟風很大程度上是和五毛黨有關的。
  • Avatar for Reckless_Py
  • Avatar for seed0079
  • Avatar for sunrisezihan
  • Avatar for CaptainYF
    Games We Play
  • Avatar for japanesey
    every song on 神的遊戲 is amazing
  • Avatar for japanesey
    absolutely love 艷火
  • Avatar for Akayz7
    Sweet and melodic is the way to go. :)
  • Avatar for Wingsfan73
    oops. I guess Bing didn't know which 'no' was the 'know' to know, y'know? Either way though, I still really love this woman's voice and melody.
  • Avatar for Pianointhewind
    @Wingsfan73 It should be 我不知道“中文”, not “中国人” :-)
  • Avatar for Wingsfan73
    我不知道中国人,但我喜欢她的旋律 (big thanks to Bing Translator for helping me express myself)
  • Avatar for jasontojason
    Sep 15 '12 live in ATT made me a nite.
  • Avatar for andoreh
    lets vote up
  • Avatar for greeeener
    I'm not the one who complains about an artist's main pic, but this one pic of hers has been there forever and she's changed a lot since then. I wish we could change that for a new recent one... I even wonder if this "华语音乐" who uploaded that as an official pic is truly a label.
  • Avatar for angellin1992
  • Avatar for yayoi1220
    new album is amazing :)
  • Avatar for comeherald
    @FireldT This is not.
  • Avatar for FieldT This Is the Page ofHer New Album!!!
  • Avatar for pommy48
    Her new album is absolutely a work of art! <3 love it from start to finish!
  • Avatar for sunrisezihan
    Just can't wait for the new album (*^__^*)
  • Avatar for Erkan-Yilmaz
    2012 May 12: 464,420 plays (9,262 listeners), 100 plays in your library
  • Avatar for bernard327
  • Avatar for ZarniYcatX
  • Avatar for postmart
    is there any info about concerts?
  • Avatar for chinese_andmore
    你好 from >450 bands, 16 are characteristic for Chinese groups, and ... 張懸 is also in the list, see others at: [url=][/url]
  • Avatar for greeeener
  • Avatar for nobodygo
    love her so much
  • Avatar for Esesesmira
  • Avatar for Ferdokki
    Oh wow, she has so many pages. I just added her like 3 times in my library because of all the pages made for her. XD
  • Avatar for Randolph_Carter
    Just bought all of her CDs :)
  • Avatar for applecloud
  • Avatar for eriseu
    Her cover of Ai Mei ftygn <3
  • Avatar for xDeadAutumnx
    She's amazing ♥
  • Avatar for FAN-DK
  • Avatar for Akipansy
  • Avatar for Skywalker107
    please come to hong kong for at least one more time ...
  • Avatar for luacheia05
    oh, my! i would move to taiwan if she wanted just sing to me every day...
  • Avatar for Matiasu
    She doesn't have the popularity she deserves.
  • Avatar for LadyNightfaLL
    lovely. ♥ i like 'my life will' sooo much.
  • Avatar for Leptossomico
    I want to kiss her face... =)
  • Avatar for sayfuddeen
    ...ما شاء الله, ما شاء الله
  • Avatar for sayfuddeen
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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