• 3Q & 4Q 2008 Purchases

    26 Jan 2009, 03:29 by jennyukari

    I must have bought more CDs during the second half of 2008 than any other semiannual period ever. Why? Two reasons: 1) I'm attempting to complete my B'z and スピッツ collections which may never be complete. Their discographies are just too large. 2) Shirokiya bargains.

    Note: this list doesn't cover any non-Asian music purchases that I made or any albums I made this month... I might have to create a Pt. 2.

    B'z - Bad Communication & The Mixture
    So I waited... to get my copy of B'z's BAD COMMUNICATION (mini-album) and THE MIXTURE... I finally did it. Watch the PV for BAD COMMUNICATION through this link. It's officially called a mini-album despite only being 3 tracks long. Although not their first single, this was their first BIG hit and it's release was a pivotal point in their career. It's so catchy that there are numerous versions of this song in other album releases BAD COMMUNICATION (000-18) in Loose (a nittier, grittier blues version), Bad Communication (E.
  • 秒速5センチメートル

    2 Dec 2007, 15:28 by ajijimuramasa

    この映画には山崎まさよしOne more time, One more chanceが使われていて映画とものすごく合っています.その中の歌詞「いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を 交差点でも夢の中でも こんな所にいるはずもないのに」のフレーズを聞くたびにいつも涙がこぼれ落ちそうになります.