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少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita23Q pronounced as Roriita - Nijuusan-ku (You don't pronounce the 'shoujo'.) is a band. Their sound is often pretty heavy rock music with heavy screaming, but mostly their songs are very catchy rock songs, with electronic effects .

Vocal: 総史(Soshi) (ex.ワタシメスラッグ)
Guitar: 龍兎 (Ryuto) (ex.サルーイン)
Guitar: ユ≠キ(Yuki) (ex.キューブリック)
Bass: リョヲ丞 (Ryosuke) (ex.パヴロ, 酔奴隷, メイ)
Drums: BAN (ex.酔奴隷)

Ex. members:
Guitar 仔池 恵 (Megumi) (ex.武蔵野らヰんo) 2004-2005
Vocal 颯~そう~ (Sou) (ex.Various Ray, now in レミング) 2004-2009

For the first few months the band was officially only a session project. But after being warmly welcomed by the audience, 颯~そう~ (Sou), ユ≠キ (Yu≠ki), 仔池 恵 (Megumi), リョヲ丞 (Ryosuke) and BAN decided to continue together full-time. On August 25th 2005, they played their first one-man concert. The gig, which took place at Takadanobaba AREA, was completely sold out. Unfortunatelly not everything was as perfect as it might seem - on that same day 仔池 恵 officially left the band.

This didn't stop the band at all and soon a new guitarist, 龍兎 (Ryuto) was recruited. They didn't rest and continued to perform live, playing even on the New Year's eve - as you could expect, in Takadanobaba AREA. The fast pace had it's influence on 颯~そう~'s health - in mid-December he was suddenly hospitalized. Luckily, he was discharged 2 days later and, metaphorically speaking, he went from the hospital door straight back to the livehouse.

On 21th August 2009, 颯~そう~(Sou) announced his leaving.
The reason for his leaving was musical disagreements about the band's future.
Their last gig together took place on 27th October at SHIBUYA-AX, as a part of the TOUR'09 Carnival of III Ward tour.

総史 as Vocalist
08/25 星帯次元区域ミネルヴァ 1st Mini Album
09/23 新生少女-ロリヰタ-23区 Live DVD 「真・少女首都幾何学展_2010 -シン・メトロリヰタディスプレヰショウ-」
12/22 WHITE BLADE. 3-types 1st Single
01/26 CRUSH! - 90's V - Rock Best Hit Cover Songs Omnibus V.A. (STORM -LUNA SEA cover- track)
05/11 I'z 3-types 2nd Single
10/05 ─HIKARI─ 3-types 3rd Single

颯~そう~ as Vocalist
12/03 おたのしみ円盤 Message Disk
02/13 睡-スイレン-蓮の部屋 1st Demo Single
03/21 Hysteric Media Zone VI Omnibus V.A. (異色オセロ/天上アクアリウム tracks)
06/21 耽溺Me:LoW -レトロメロウ- Shoxx Magazine Single
06/21 23区幾何学缶 1st Maxi Single
08/10 23区幾何学缶 2ndプレス 1st Maxi Single
10/19 東京禁区バヴェルタワー~あかのゆめ~ Maxi Single~碧色都心三部作・第①夜
11/22 東京臨海アナスタシア~あおのゆめ~ Maxi Single~碧色都心三部作・第②夜
11/24 碧ノユメ Live distributed CD
02/22 ~むらさきのゆめ~ 即完音源融合型CD&DVD
05/24 新約:媒体少女-メディア・ロリヰタ- 1st Mini Album
07/12 初LIVE DVD『革命後夜祭』~THE FILM
08/09 玲在-REAL-モニタァ内部の電脳~デジタル・メイド~隷娘 2-types 4th Maxi Single
09/08 SHOCK WAVE CD Edition 6 (うさぎにげる花園 track)
10/25 理想架空都市 2nd Mini Album
12/04 SWEETEST OCEAN Live distributed CD
05/16 ジェノセンス 1st Single
05/30 黎明-reimei- 2nd Single
08/08 Red Room 3rd Single
09/05 未完成サファイア 4th Single
11/07 Brand New Ward 1st Full Album
03/05 ホシノカケラ 5th Single
04/02 MEMORIAL 2005-2006 少女-ロリヰタ-23 Best Album
11/05 ガリズム-garizm- 6th Single
12/03 CERAMIC★STAR 7th Single
03/25 【Marble_Shaking_Ward】 2nd Full Album
04/08 1st DVD「TOUR`08 Garizm king world「我一番の世界」」
10/07 ;BeSt Best Album
02/08 2nd DVD「.doc~TOUR '09 Carnival of Ⅲ wardLive&Document~」

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