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  • Avatar for ava_tiffany
    i am joey super fans:P PLS FOLLOW ME-3-
  • Avatar for avaherbalife ------------- 更新了! 這是我新增的活動「容祖兒李克勤演唱會 2015」 ,會出席的,按 I’m going 吧:)
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    New Song MV is released "[url=]飄紅[/url]" <Click! ; Join Joey Fanclub in "[url=]HERE[/url]" <Click!
  • Avatar for HeadphoneGirl11
    I really like her 小小 album.
  • Avatar for abura520
  • Avatar for SawatDeeDrama
    澎湃 is the best song ever! ♥
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    *NEW PIC* Please vote up 1) [url=]★[/url] 2) [url=]★[/url] 3) [url=]★[/url] 4) [url=]★[/url] Thank you very much ^_^❤
  • Avatar for sfcheung
    Album Download : 容祖兒 - 隆重登場 320K MP3
  • Avatar for lilkitten2
    great singer
  • Avatar for ryeogu
    just discovered her, luv the new album
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    Pick your favorite picture [url=]hereeee[/url] ^____^
  • Avatar for Dafni87
    Please vote ^^
  • Avatar for Erkan-Yilmaz
    2012-04-13: 1,840,425 plays (18,710 listeners), 212 plays in your library
  • Avatar for Carnoboy
    I just went to her concert in Canada yesterday. After her concert, her songs got stuck in my head, especially 逃.
  • Avatar for EwertonFelix_
    Greetings from Brazil! :D
  • Avatar for mskimiloveth
  • Avatar for emeraldreams7
    haven't been liking her recent songs.. but 连续剧 is good!
  • Avatar for rrainiee
    Yes finally pushed 陪我長大 (國語) down the list!!
  • Avatar for manlo0401
    love the main pic
  • Avatar for SoNiC213
    v Congrats ^_______^
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    Finally 10,000 plays in my library!
  • Avatar for miss_barbie
  • Avatar for myamyalove
  • Avatar for mstardawg
    please vote up thanks!謝安琪/+images/66939414
  • Avatar for Jpopayuh
    I like the new album
  • Avatar for PocariSweat
    new album is mighty good!
  • Avatar for Dafni87
    Omg, this new album is so so good ♥ I'm gonna buy it as soon as I can ^^
  • Avatar for maddy1111
    Joey & Joey is amazing album!
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    New album "Joey & Joey" will be released on 23 Sep ♥ [url=]Vote Up[/url] some new album picture ^-^
  • Avatar for rrainiee
    花千樹 ♥
  • Avatar for Xsl1980
  • Avatar for maddy1111
    I need new album! :)
  • Avatar for Joeyfan10 I'm one of those people who "liked" this on Youtube. His other Joey blog is better tho.
  • Avatar for Dafni87
    I ♥ Joey ^^
  • Avatar for maddy1111
    new pictures, please vote :)
  • Avatar for maddy1111
    New pictures, please vote ;)
  • Avatar for maddy1111
    Airport EP picutres - just vote ;)
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    (100 shouts ^_^) 飛♥
  • Avatar for bondingo
    v The back of the album says 綠野仙踪.
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    please correct :: should be 綠野仙"踪"
  • Avatar for rrainiee
    Seriously, what is with 陪我長大 (國語)............
  • Avatar for hellonancy
    Love this photo
  • Avatar for weilanjteen
    NEW PHOTO. 2010 NEW EP 容祖兒 2010 EP 空港
  • Avatar for staffsoul
    addicted to her sound since 1st time heard her!!!!
  • Avatar for Dannyhy
    綠野仙踪 =w=
  • Avatar for patricklam288
    陪我長大 (國語) = =
  • Avatar for Skipbeatskipper
    Please vote up: \\ \\
  • Avatar for revolution_II
    33 lovely dress pic!
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    Please join [url=]Joey Yung Fans Club[/url] !!:D
  • Avatar for iamlkyu
    Please vote for some new pictures for Joey :) [url=]1[/url] [url=]2[/url] [url=]3[/url] [url=]4[/url] [url=]5[/url] [url=]6[/url] [url=]7[/url]


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