妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku, alternatively Yōsei Teikoku and sometimes Das Feenreich, literally Fairy Empire) are a four member Japanese band. Part of Team Fairithm, the band previously consisted of just vocalist and lyricist Yui with guitarist and composer Takaha Tachibana. The band has since included bass player Nanami and drummer Relu to their line up.

The group have been active since 1996 and have done their rounds around the doujinshi/indies music circuit. Their earliest releases are very hard to find. They did however, gain exposure from 2005 onwards with the release of their album Stigma and have since gained popularity through the use of their music in various media.

So why should you, of all people, fall in love Yousei Teikoku?

It’s important to note that at it’s core - Yousei Teikoku’s sound is very German, gothic and industrial. Though not always (I’ll get back to that). Yousei Teikoku merges heavy guitars and fantastical story telling. Yui’s voice is not the typical growling associated with metal/hard rock, she carries an ethereal and siren-like quality as she flits gracefully through Tachibana’s compositions. So while you won’t expect Yui to be doing vocal flips and scales, it would be hard to imagine someone else doing as well in the same position.

Musically Yousei Teikoku are hard to categorize. Their music combines elements of electronic, ambient, heavy rock, neoclassical, gothic, industrial and a little bit of anison. Though their work has tie ups with many anime and games, I wouldn’t dismiss them on those grounds because while Yui is a massive massive nerd, the group generally don’t cater to what’s popular in anison and tend to do their own thing.

Part of Yousei Teikoku’s appeal is their mystique - their music is really meant to be immersive and make you feel like you’re in a different world. They also use the word “gothic lolita” a lot with three of their albums having them in the name. And the German! The gratituous German!

It’s hard, it’s guitar filled, it’s frantic. It’s music to really feel in your bones, it’s music to get you to swear allegiance to Yui for taking you on a mystical musical journey. Plus you do get variety - rock ballads, slow tempo music box versions, more symphonic stuff, even a bit of a pop leaning for those of you inclined.

And why should you love Yui?

When she’s not being Fairy Yui and claiming to be 4325 years old, Yousei Yui (Yui Itsuki in the real world) is a voice actor and a massive nerd. She has three computers - one of which she built, coded her personal website and Yousei Teikoku’s website and voraciously on top of technology and massive video game player.

The other members of Yousei Teikoku have nominated Yui to be the frontwoman of the band so that they can get on with their job of composing music. Plus even from the group’s early days, Takaha Tachibana was always secretive that during lives, he would intentionally play from the back of the stage rather than stand beside Yui. Team Fairithm, the production group behind Yousei Teikoku have always been veiled in secrecy - however there is no doubt that Takaha and Yui are part of the team and take a hands on role with their music.

They released several independent albums before signing with their current publisher Lantis circa 2006. With Lantis they have released 5 full albums and 15 singles, as well as several anime/video game theme songs and soundtracks.

Vocal: Yui (ゆい)
Keyboard/Guitar: Takaha Tachibana (橘尭葉)
Lead Guitar: Shiren (紫煉) - Joined Jan 12, 2013
Bass: Nanami - Joined 2010
Drums: Gight - Joined Jan 12, 2013

Former Members:
Drums: Relu (2010 - Jan 12, 2013)

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