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吉澤ひとみ (Yoshizawa Hitomi, born 12 April 1985 in Miyoshi, Saitama, Japan) is a Japanese pop idol singer. She joined J-pop group モーニング娘。 (Morning Musume) in 2000 as part of the fourth generation. The way she dressed and her voice had her deemed the tomboy-ish girl of the group until breaking away from that image. Furthering this perception of her masculine side, Yoshizawa's first lead came in 2001 with the release of the single Mr. Moonlight: Ai no Big Band, in which she played a dashing playboy character. She has since managed to mostly overcome this, as many view her as having matured out of her formerly tomboyish character once having assumed leadership of Morning Musume in 2005. She became leader of Morning Musume after 矢口真里 (Yaguchi Mari)'s unexpected resignation on April 14, 2005.
Currently she's in a pop rock group HANGRY & ANGRY along with Ishikawa Rika(石川梨華)

Hitomi, nicknamed Yossy, is the captain of the Hello! Project futsal team, Gatas Brilhantes H.P. Her jersey number is #10. She also had her own featured corner in the CD Data magazine called Hello! Yossy where she wrote about whatever is currently on her mind. These columns ended in 2006, but were recently compiled and released in a book also titled "Hello! Yossy"

Yoshizawa Hitomi graduated Morning Musume on May 6, 2007 at the end of the Sexy 8 Beat tour, during the last concert in Saitama Super Arena. She is currently a solo talent with Hello! Project and leads the 10-member group 音楽ガッタス (Ongaku Gatas).

Often a subject of debate amongst her fans, the correct romanization of her nickname was finally revealed on the Guts 10 Gatas radio show when Yoshizawa herself answered a listener's question. The correct romanization is Yossy.
She has released 3 solo PBs and acted in the following movies & dramas:
* 2000 – Pinch Runner (ピンチランナー)
* 2002 – Tokkaekko (とっかえっ娘。)
* 2002 – Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de (おれがあいつであいつがおれで)
* 2003 – Koinu Dan no Monogatari (仔犬ダンの物語)
* 2004 – Motto Koiseyo Otome (もっと恋セヨ乙女)
* 2007 – Shinkansen Girl (新幹線ガール)

Yossy was also considered by some fans to be the last trace of the "Golden era" of Morning Musume.

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