• Visual Kei Lossless Tradelist

    4 Jul 2013, 05:39 by tokyokameleo

    Visual Kei Lossless Tradelist
    » Last updated: 2015.02.10
    I'm a foobar2000 user, so I accept any lossless format. However, FLAC level 8 and Apple Lossless are preferred. If you would like to trade for some of the releases below, PM me via

    This is the main part of my lossless music collection.

    The titles written in red are negotiable while some are not for trade.
    ● AIFF = Audio Interchange File Format
    ● ALAC = Apple Lossless Audio Codec
    ● APE = Monkey's Audio
    ● FLAC = Free Lossless Audio Codec
    ● TAK = Tom's lossless Audio Kompressor
    ● TTA = True Audio
    ● WAV = Waveform Audio File Format
    ● WMA = Windows Media Audio Lossless
    ● WV = WavPack

    [2002.12.05] Λucifer - THE BEST
    [2005.11.16] lynch. - underneath the skin
    [2006.01.14] Sel'm - アンソロジー
    [2006.02.24] 新興宗教楽団NoGoD - 天罰円盤
    [2008.03.12] Kra - エスケープ
  • My Penicillin Collection

    17 Jul 2011, 18:40 by KARHU-SETA

    I wanted to list my Penicillin stuff :)

    CD Albums

    Penicillin Shock (picture disc)
    Missing Link (box whit photo pamphlet)
    Into the valley of dolls (box whit photo pamphlet)
    earth (box whit photo pamphlet)
    Vibe (2CD box)
    Indvell (2CD box)
    Hamlet (Limited book thingy whit CD)
    Ultimat Velocity (Limited)
    Hell bound heart
    Nuclear Banana (Limited whit toy figures)
    Blue Heaven (Limited whit DVD)
    Supernova (Limited whit DVD)
    Cell (Limited whit DVD)

    CD Singles

    Imitation Love (2CD maybe Limited?)
    Make Love
    Nice in Lip+L
    Melody (Box thingy whit sheet music)
    Limit Complex (CD+DVD)
    New Future
    月千古輝/零 (CD+DVD B)
    Grind Candy (CD+DVD A)
    Grind Candy (CD+DVD B)
    太陽/Orb (CD+DVD not sure if A or B DVD)
    Rainbow (CD+DVD I think it was B DVD not sure)
    Black Hole (CD+DVD A)
    Black Hole (CD+DVD B)

    Other CD's

    Plactical Joke volume 1
    Plactical Joke 2
    Sacred Seeds

    Other random stuff