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  • Avatar for stormforyou
    please don't copy that, this is so ridiculous, i live for WANNA BE
  • Avatar for loveproof_heart
    Muse, M Best, Loveland and LIBERTY are on Spotify now~
  • Avatar for Vorpax
    Really sad the LIBERTY's poor sales, great album.
  • Avatar for FreedomElement
    Lol yeah, that's true. I'm extremely happy FASHION made it, it's easily one of the best songs on LIBERTY! To be honest, LIBERTY is a very amazing album and definitely one of her best, so I'm glad overall! (except for that song lol)
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    I'm really happy with the songs she chose to put on LIBERTY. I'm thinking more about the fact that FASHION, best b-side of the era did make it. I was afraid she'd put Higher which is the only song I disliked in the singles. You can't really expect she will include a b-side instead of an a-side, though.
  • Avatar for FreedomElement
    Tbh I'll NEVER forgive Miliyah for putting Piece of Trash on LIBERTY instead of the AMAZING superior song that is LIFE IS A SONG. And I know I'll be dragged for this but idc, this needed to be said. Piece of Trash is ultimately the worst song I've EVER heard in my entire life.
  • Avatar for vulnicured
    I hope her main never changes, it's too iconic ♥
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    I don't know why every single track on LIBERTY seems really short to me. I know a lot of them are about 3 mins long, but I feel like even the 5 minute ones feel inexplicably short for some reason. The songs seem like they end soon after they've just started. Not entirely sure if this is a good or a bad thing.
  • Avatar for iorweth_
    This album was a really nice journey.
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    v clicking here seemed to fix it for me, at least on what I can see on my own recent tracks:
  • Avatar for GoldTransAm29
    LastFM seems to be bugging and confusing 'Memories' from LIBERTY with '19 Memories' from TOKYO STAR. :/
  • Avatar for xDark_Oblivionx
    Lol, how can people say it's a long album when most of the songs are short?...In fact, I find the album a bit too short as I'm so use to her previous albums having longer lengths than LIBERTY.
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    I've been reading the opinions that the album is too long - and it really isn't, especially when you compare it to all her other albums. They're all over an hour long, and HEAVEN is actually longer, as is TRUE LOVERS and TOKYO STAR. Besides, the best part for me is that even if this album is 1:11:32 long, the time passes so fast when I listen to it because no song here is boring, it just drags you into its world and when it's over you wonder HOW can this album be that long when it doesn't feel like it at all.
  • Avatar for kissmyseoul
    I loved the album. I took it upon myself to not listen to any singles, as I do with most albums aside from Shounen Shoujo. My standouts were MIRROR MIRROR, BABYLON, Megami no Hikari, and lastly Heaven's Door. She was serving me Hikki teas throughout the song. I'll probably end up buying a copy at some point as well. It's definitely in my top three albums.
  • Avatar for RUDEB0YY
    My favorite is H.I.K.A.R.I. I love the end. A few other songs like Liberty stand out to me, but I gotta listen to the album a couple more times. Although, I can say I enjoyed it more than her previous album overall.
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    What a perfect album, oh my god. I never expected to enjoy every single song on a first listen on any album - it's the first time this happened to me. I'm so glad I bought it!
  • Avatar for Sunnywaifu
  • Avatar for reKuRO
    After digesting it a bit more, I definitely have to say LIBERTY is one of her strongest albums and one of the stronger J-pop releases in the past little while. So many great tracks and so very Miliyah but still fresh sounding. Each song stands out which was the exact opposite of LOVELAND tbh. Does anyone have lyric translations? <3
  • Avatar for xDark_Oblivionx
    took me a few listens to really enjoy the album but I do love a lot of the songs on it. i do wish some of the songs were longer though; 3 minutes is really too short D:
  • Avatar for idolfancy-
    The new album is amazing. Definetily one of my fav albums for 2016.
  • Avatar for Kirlia20
    Love the new album, I'm happy she tries different stuff but keeps her old sound. "This is my party" is such a jam.
  • Avatar for VinicioBa
    To me the new album is great!!. All the songs are really good!! ( except for Piece of cake... her part is good but can not stand the dude's voice...) and even though she tried new things, she still managed to have her own style as always which I love.
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    Any more thoughts on the album? I'm going to listen when I receive it but it seems like it's going to take forever, lol.
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    I think the album holds up very well as a collection of songs. Some interesting stuff going on. Not sure how they'll translate live, but I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  • Avatar for acidfreecookies
    Do BABYLON, FASHION and 女神の光 contain samples? Either that or they are incredibly derivative of something, I just can't place where I've heard those instrumental melodies before...
  • Avatar for reKuRO
    LIBERTY is great, but very very Miliyah. Has a lot of great tracks, but nothing god-tier like BYE BYE on HEAVEN for example. LIBERTY, WANNA BE, Tengoku no Door, Utakata na Hibi and of course Megami no Hikari are all superb, though! And of course the last two singles, Lipstick and Future Lover have been thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Avatar for eplizo
    I'm not a big Miliyah fan, but I'm liking a few tracks on LIBERTY.
  • Avatar for iorweth_
    Song with One More Time sample can't be bad!
  • Avatar for Kirlia20
    Thank god we got an amazing new single. This era has been disappointing. [2]
  • Avatar for PattyMcPat2666
    Thank god we got an amazing new single. This era has been disappointing.
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    Agreed, FUTURE LOVER sounds amazing even at first listen.
  • Avatar for ChAelitaNicole
    FUTURE LOVER my new song fab! <3
  • Avatar for xDark_Oblivionx
    FUTURE LOVER is amazinggg <3
  • Avatar for bravebadkid
    "FUTURE LOVER-未来恋人-" = instant jam.
  • Avatar for vulnicured
    FUTURE LOVER is so good, holy shitttttttttt
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    never call me again is flawless [2]
  • Avatar for pinkmasquerade_
    never call me again is flawless
  • Avatar for OJS48kenkyuusei
    Lipstick is a pretty standard Miliyah song, which means I don't love it now but I will in time. It reminds me of Lonely Hearts but also reminds me of LOVER (the m-flo one, not the wakadanna one).
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    I can't wait for a new album from her. The singles so far have been really good.
  • Avatar for sospecialr_
    luv u gurl
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    I like Piece of Cake, too. U can love me is amazing, though.
  • Avatar for OJS48kenkyuusei
    Piece of Cake grew on me. i don't think i'd like it as much if it was any longer though. it's just the right length.
  • Avatar for tomfordfan
    I actually like Piece of Cake. I just think a lot of people aren't ready for her to be more experimental.
  • Avatar for grey_kun
    Piece of Cake is definetly not one of her best songs to date, but it's funny, especially the music video. The guy's voice just bothers me a litte, because he shouts so much. I just think she should not release stuff like that at the moment she's currently going through, since "Shonen Shojo" was not that great in sales (digitally), but is a very good song. I wish "Megami no Hikari" was released as a single instead. I can't wait for more new music!
  • Avatar for kalassyFOREVER
    wtf is with that crazy ass moaning guy in POC. Ain't nobody here for that. She needs to stop with the bad collabos.
  • Avatar for sputnikmeowmeow
    AIAIAI is her best !
  • Avatar for Vorpax
    @the_squid_man Hiii!! @Chiharo Thank you very much, I will check out Kalafina!
  • Avatar for kissmyseoul
    Oh I love the remix album so much!
  • Avatar for Chiharo
    @Vorpax Oh my god, I'm so glad someone finally understands what I mean when it comes to audio production. Especially when you compare _genic to Miliyah's stuff, yes. You should also give Kalafina a listen - they arguably have the best produced music in Jpop.
  • Avatar for the_squid_man
    Vorpax, hello new fan!


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