• oh man 2007

    14 Dec 2007, 04:07 by cogsturning

    this is probably the first year ive actually paid attention to whats happening and what i got and everything, so heres one of those stupid year end things.

    albums i acquired that were released this year, for better or for worse:
    H ZETT M - 5+2=11[1-10]
    Deerhoof - Friend Opportuniy[1-23]
    eksperimentoj - eksperimentoj[1-24]
    Chage & Aska - DOUBLE[1-24]
    The イナズマ戦隊 - 熱血商店街[1-24]
    Busdriver - RoadKillOvercoat[1-30]
    Hella - There's no 666 in Outer Space[1-30]
    湯川潮音 - 雪のワルツ[1-31]
    Tujiko Noriko - Solo[2-7]
    Gutevolk - Tiny People Singing Over the Rainbow[2-9]
    井上陽水奥田民生 - ダブルドライブ[2-21]
    椎名林檎×斎藤ネコ - 平成風俗[2-21]
    MO'SOME TONEBENDER - Super Nice[2-21]
    平川地一丁目 - 雪解けの頃に届く手紙[2-28]
    Polysics - Karate House[2-28]
    sleepy.ab - fantasia[3-7]
    キャプテンストライダム - BAN BAN BAN[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 2nd Stage「会いたかった」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームA 3rd Stage「誰かのために」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームK 1st Stage「PARTYが始まるよ」[3-7]
    AKB48 - チームK 2nd Stage「青春ガールズ」[3-7]
  • アニソン三昧。

    22 Nov 2007, 16:41 by beesick


     バカボンの歌のくせに暗い!! そんなところがステキ。

     この曲は燃える! 男気溢れる合唱がイイ!





     僕の中では最高のアニソンです!! 曲調がくるくる変わる。

  • i thought it was like 7pm but its really 3am

    26 Mar 2007, 08:09 by cogsturning

    i never did mention how the Deerhoof show went. interesting experiance i guess. i havent been to a show in like..years. i honestly dont really like live music and i have no attention span so i get kinda bored. but i like to see the artists i like in THE REAL WORLD. this was awhile ago tho and ive lost the urge to say much. the most enjoyable thing about this show was Busdriver. i dont recall ever really liking any rappers except maybe verbal from m-flo and thats kinda...i dunno..fluffy? but busdriver is really fantastic, that and he was a surprise for me cause i thought it was just gonna be Harlem Shakes and deerhoof. i honestly thought he was there to hook up equipment, and when he started rapping i was like 'this is the coolest sound guy ever.' it seriously took me like 3 songs to realize he most belong there. the crowd mostly seemed to enjoy it too. mostly. i have to say, ive only ever been to big shows before, ive never been to a place that only holds like 200 or so people. the people there were. …