• XA-VAT En°C Interview part 2 (translated in english)

    25 Jun 2011, 16:28 by synthepiens

    Here is the second part ! It gets pretty random at times, don't think too much about it.

    - So, we just talked about it, but in all the XA-VAT songs, which lyrics do you personnally think are good ones ?

    S : Uh--------------------..................................... (laugh).

    - Japanese, english, german, even a bit of italian. You mix a lot of languages.

    S : Ah, german. It's about E-Z isn't it ? I only say something like "This is a pen" in a fucked-up german, though (laugh).

    - Don't you say something like "cabbage" ?

    S : I do say it (laugh). It really got to the point where I went for trash lyrics. Things like pen or cabbage. But "rozenkohl" (german for cabbage) sounds really cool, isn't it ? (laugh) At first it was not supposed to be that kind of song. It was a simple four-beat song with a lot of big bass sounds like body beat or DAF. That's why I started to think, like, why not say things like .... (in a rather good acent - ed) " ICH ! LIEBE ! DICH !" (laugh). …