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Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time

Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time



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  • The album's formula is to take already wonderful compositions and make them even better. Well, some tracks like Zeal Palace and Undersea Palace failed the "formula", but others exceeded it.
  • Come on now. Just because someone has a different opinion from you doesn't mean they suck. Even if you do appreciate how talented a musician is you might not care for their work. On the other hand, just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's objectively bad (though many people seem to conflate them, as in "I don't like it, therefore it is terrible"). That said, I personally love what I've heard of this album and am thinking about hunting the whole thing down to listen to the rest :)
  • this is the best thing ever
  • A must have! [2]
  • I needed a new pair of pants when I found out there was an experimental jazz album based off my favorite video game. The music and overall approach are incredible. Chrono Trigger's music was great to begin with - and these guys managed to diverge massively yet still keep the flavor of those songs.
  • A must have!
  • The Brink of Time is a fresh approach indeed, however I'd like to hear remastered soundtrack from original SNES game more... This said, I understand Yoshizenhow a bit.
  • awesome album... kind of progressive... damn its... awesome the brink of time version is so smooth and strange... relaxing album...
  • "The songs are too long, too jazzy, too different from the original ones. This album is something great, but I obviously expected something less." There, fixed it for you Yoshizenhow.
  • Yoshizenhow is a fgt

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