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  • Avatar for TarantulaEyes
    Dewprism represent!
  • Avatar for LilLioness
    Luca is by far the best piece from X.
  • Avatar for Feyri
    acrylicdream: :o thats the best track on the soundtrack. but this guys contribution was nice. still ffx has nothing on ix's amazing soundtrack.
  • Avatar for krzesay
    dat artist name
  • Avatar for lilkitten2
    Love Final Fantasy, the music is always so unique in it
  • Avatar for Naeuigeudae
    Threads Of Fate: FUCK YEAH [2]
  • Avatar for Chrabia297
    Who created these fuckin' translations? "To the ultimate relic" is called in my OST "Rasdan", and I just found that it should be "Last Dungeon" -.-
  • Avatar for Chrabia297
    I love the Village ^^ Trap Master, Gathered Souls, A Change Meeting and Rasdan are also awesome
  • Avatar for Starfox10
    Threads Of Fate: FUCK YEAH
  • Avatar for Keijinbr
    nice work on The Threads of Fate² Love that soundtrack, specially To the ultimate relic
  • Avatar for Chrabia297
    nice work on The Threads of Fate
  • Avatar for shintashiori
    hi. sorry to disturb you... but don't you mind to spend some couple of minutes out of your spare time estimating music of a pretty good composer (imho) whom most probable you've never heard about? if you don't, here it is: [artist]Alexander Piterskiy[/artist] thank you anyway.
  • Avatar for LightOnTheEdge
    I never realised Nakano was involved with FFXIII until I casually listened to Desperate Struggle. At first I was confused because I thought it was "Enemy Attack" from FFX! Awesome guy.
  • Avatar for SciFi_Wasabi
    Threads of Fate is one of the most overlooked gems in the PSX era. It provided good atmosphere, good story...good soundtrack. If only I was able to explore that universe further.
  • Avatar for LOKFanatic
    His two contributions to the FFXIII soundtrack were fantastic
  • Avatar for -hopesfall-
    He recently left Square to freelance. Hope to hear a lot more original compositions from him. It's been too long!
  • Avatar for Richnfg
    Yes, he does write some amazing pieces. I've found that my favourites from FFX have been widespread over all three composers, but I especially like some of Nakano's, such as Illusion, This Is Your Story and even The Summoning.
  • Avatar for acrylicdream
    I'm with you on that Bumblebee, I really didn't think any of the most memorable or powerful pieces in the giant FFX soundtrack came from Uematsu. After all, the abominable cloister of trials theme was his work.
  • Avatar for Lord_Bumblebee
    have even noticed that nearly all my favourite tracks of FF X were composed by him, and not Nobuo Uematsu o_O wow this guy is real underrated, great music!!
  • Avatar for Rovelius
    Threads of Fate is amazing.
  • Avatar for -hopesfall-
    This guy makes great ambient music.
  • Avatar for Ostermalm
    "This is your story" is so wonderful... thank you Mr. Nakano.
  • Avatar for tootbrush
    He's composed some of the best ambient music I've heard, especially in FFX and Musashiden II. Too bad Square-Enix doesn't utilize him as a composer nowadays.
  • Avatar for Shinigami93
    Love Final Fantasy X? Then join the group! :)
  • Avatar for kabral
    Where are the FFIV DS OST album?
  • Avatar for jonfled
    Tobal No. 1, I remember playing the game when I was around 8 or 9. Really great soundtrack that I didn't appreciate as much then as I do now. It's amazing what you can remember from video games, as I remember most of the tunes (especially Hills of Jugon and Electrical Indian).
  • Avatar for aibom
    I seriously better check the webs and buy it sometime. Hopefully it hasn't become too obscure by now.
  • Avatar for aibom
    I always wanted to play threads of fate.:(
  • Avatar for zigmasdirigeant
    Awesooomeeee!!! Master! I love Dewprism ost so much... Cheers master.
  • Avatar for MedMonty
    Threads of fate was amazing!
  • Avatar for screenname
    "Pass Through The Forest",one of the best videogame tracks ever composed, 20 scrobbles to :((( I feel like dewprism is my dirty little secret.
  • Avatar for Vagabund
    Hey, if you like Final Fantasy or othre SquareEnix Games, come and join my Group, [url=]Final Fantasy - Square Enix[/url]. I would like to see you there. :)
  • Avatar for Dark_Serge
    Great composer. I like his works in Musashi Samurai Legend OST.
  • Avatar for jfen
    Threads of Fate is so awesome.
  • Avatar for screenname
    everyone should listen to the dewprism ost :>
  • Avatar for Benji1990
    this is your story is a masterpiece
  • Avatar for Kozurei
    Does anyone have Theme of Dewprism they'd like to trade for a song of mine?
  • Avatar for dysphoria
    Whoo, Junya Nakano! Dewprism (Threads of Fate) is love!!!
  • Avatar for screenname
    <333 this guy so much
  • Avatar for jeriaska
    Best atmospheric tracks ever. Everything that takes place underwater should be scored by Junya Nakano!

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