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* Name: Inoue Hikari (井上ひかり)
* Birthday: January 16th, 1994
* Birthplace: Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
* Blood Type: A
* Height: 164cm
* Hobbies: anime, manga, game, making candies, music, hot springs, fishing and drawing
* Special Skills: swimming, shooting, repeating side-stepping
* Favorite Foods: sweet cabbage rolls, green tea

In the year 2008, Inoue Hikari participated to Animax Anison Grand Prix and lost to HIMEKA in the final round. However, Sony saw her potential and offered Inoue a chance to make a major debut. In Spring 2009, she debuted as a seiyuu with a minor voice role for the character Aisha Norman in the anime Valkyria Chronicles. In August 2009, Inoue will make her major debut as a singer with the single Hitotsu no Negai, Valkyria Chronicles' second ending theme.

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