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  1. ARUSTOROMERIA were a Visual Kei band hailing from Fukuoka, Japan. The band was founded on April 11th, 2007 and did not have a formal live until June…

  2. Voice.




  3. 四季 is the solo project of MST from RivaSquall.


    Mst - voice , guitar, bass and prog.
    Zodd (ex. ゾディア) - drums

    feat. Guitar player:


  4. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  5. VALD is a rock band from Japan, formed in 2009.

    Vocal: 香希
    Guitar: 幸隆
    Guitar: 密月
    Bass: SIN
    Drums: MANO

    2009.XX.XX 無料配布CD

  6. Scli+pt was an indies Visual Kei band from Sendai, Japan.
    Activity: 2010/03/09~2013/06/04


    Vo. 迅(jin)
    → ZAXX → Scli+pt → ideal.

    Gu. 灯乃(hino)…

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  9. Larme d'ange was a visual kei metal band from Osaka, Japan active from March, 2007 to July 17, 2011.

    Vocal: 三來 (Mirai)
    Ex. ソロ → Larme…

  10. ガアラ (gaara) is a visual kei band from Hiroshima, Japan that started activities in late 2007. In January of 2008 they released their first mini-album…

  11. Formerly known as BUG IMPACT, Fang is a Japanese visual kei band signed to CROW MUSIC.

    On April 25, 2012 it was announced singer Luna was…

  12. Aiglare is a band from Sendai formed by ex-ACTWEED members Reyji, SAKAE, and Izumi. The band began secret activities on April 16th at Sendai HooK…

  13. ニンジャマンジャパン (Ninjaman Japan) is a japanese visual kei band formed in 2009.

    Lineup is:
    Vocal: Sarino (ex. Aioria, ex. Shelly Trip Realize)

  14. ACTWEED is a visual band from Sendai that began activities in December of 2003 and disbanded on October 24, 2011.

    Vo.: 零司 (Reyji)→…

  15. ミサルカ (misaruka) is a Japanese visual kei band. Their music can be described as symphonic metal.

    Official Homepage | Myspace

    Current members:…

  16. 「xxx」is D£AD (pronounced: ISDEAD) used to be a session-band called "Mr. xxx" but they became a full band on 11th of April 2012. They had their…

  17. ワン★スター was a Visual Kei band from Gifu, Japan. They formed after the disbandment of ファジログ, and then disbanded July 18th, 2014. They began as a…

  18. dizSolid was a rock band from Japan founded in January 2009 by 百合 (ex- 13) and 悠夜 (ex- Saga). In early 2011 vocalist 百合 left the band and was…

  19. Virulent is a band from Japan formed in 2010.

    Vocals: 煌祐
    Guitar: yuki
    Bass: tatsuki
    Drums: 和也 (joined 2011.04)
    Drums: 翔 (left…


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