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2011.08.23: [album artist=ユナイト]Kud’[/album] (1st Oneman Livedistributional) 2011.08.23: [album artist=ユナイト]Kud’[/album] (1st Oneman Livedistributional)
2011.11.16: [album artist=ユナイト]STARTiNG OVER’S[/album] (1st Full Album) 2011.11.16: [album artist=ユナイト]STARTiNG OVER’S[/album] (1st Full Album)
-2012.03.28: AIVIE (type A & B) (3rd Maxi-single)+2012.03.28: [album artist=ユナイト]AIVIE[/album] ([url=http://www.last.fm/music/ユナイト/AIVIE+%5BType+A%5D]A[/url] & [url=http://www.last.fm/music/ユナイト/AIVIE+%5BType+B%5D]B[/url]) (3rd Maxi-single)
 +2012.06.27: 約束
[url=http://unite-jp.com/]OHP[/url] [url=http://unite-jp.com/]OHP[/url]
[url=http://www.youtube.com/user/uniteofficialjpv] Official YouTube Channel[/url] [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/uniteofficialjpv] Official YouTube Channel[/url]

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UNiTE. is a japanese band that started its activities on 2011/03/29 @ 渋谷duo MUSIC EXCHANGE. The name of the band comes from unity, for this reason the members joined together to keep doing what they love that is music. 椎名未緒 expressed in a special interview on Cure Magazine that "I named UNiTE in a wish that we and the fans can bond in music." Members: Vo. 結 (Yui) (ex-マウス四ッ★レストラン(as Kaito)→ALiBi(as Kai) Gt. 椎名未緒 (Shiina Mio) (ex-デルフィニウム(as Mio)→キャンゼル) Gt. LiN (ex-LeMpicka?(as aki) Ba. ハク (Haku) (ex-ハルシオン(as Tomayasu)→バッハキャンゼル) Dr. ゆきみ (Yukimi) (ex-digitalic aAmepilatoire(as YAS)キャンゼル) Discography: 2011.04.27: UNiTE. (Greeting CD release) 2011.06.29: U -s m e h- (type A & B) (1st Maxi-single) 2011.07.13: ミドルノート (type A & B) (2nd Maxi-single) 2011.08.23: Kud’ (1st Oneman Livedistributional) 2011.11.16: STARTiNG OVER’S (1st Full Album) 2012.03.28: AIVIE (type A & B) (3rd Maxi-single) 2012.06.27: 約束 (type A & B) (4th Maxi-single) 2012.08.22: U&U's -ANSWER- (Oneman Live DVD at Akasaka Blitz 2012.03.29) 2012.09.12: イオ (type A & B) (5th Maxi-single) 2012.12.05: MEANiNG (2nd Full Album) 2013.03.27: UNiTE. CLIPS #01 (1st Music Video collection) OHP Official YouTube Channel