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  1. name: Dark Psyche and Hiru
    circle: Mohican Sandbag

  2. 蒲焼鰻(kabayakuunagi)
    Working in comic, illustration and design.
    The designer of all CYTOKINE's cover.

    younger brother of kabayakuunagi.

  3. Kefy is an experimental electronic artist who incorporates numerous genres, often using goa, schranz, hardcore, and DnB. He publishes under the…

  4. Mohican Sandbag Vs. X & Yuugen-Ya

  5. Arranger

    Circle: WhiTECHNO

  6. C.H.S or Cutie & Headshaking Sounds, is t+pazolite's doujin music circle.

    Home page:

  7. name: JiNG*da*LaW
    circle: Iemitsu.

  8. name: Hiru
    circle: Mohican Sandbag

  9. circle: Iemitsu. (Sound Iemitsu.)
    member: JiNG*da*LaW

  10. name: Doppelman
    circle: FRONTIER CREATE (=NeutraL=, NEUTRAL2)

  11. Arranger: 創 無頼人 (Buraito Hajime) also known as So Bright (souburaito)
    Circle: C-CLAYS, K2 SOUND

  12. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  13. Ryo Ohnuki was a Japanese composer, arranger and electronic music producer who's been very prolific in the doujin music scene since late 2005. His…

  14. Forest306 is the alias of Jacob Kimasu, an acoustic instrumentalist who performs classical arrangements of music from the popular manic shooter…

  15. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  16. name: nazz-can
    circle: SoundRoux

  17. name: Urue Koreito a.k.a. yukarino
    circle: KARMART, Attrielectrock

  18. Van Dyke (bandaiku)


  19. circle: HieroGraph
    member: Nyo


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