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  1. name: Dark Psyche and Hiru
    circle: Mohican Sandbag
    www: http://mohican.sakura.ne.jp/

  2. Mohican Sandbag Vs. X & Yuugen-Ya

  3. Arranger

    Circle: WhiTECHNO


  4. name: Hiru
    circle: Mohican Sandbag
    www: http://mohican.sakura.ne.jp/

  5. Kefy is an experimental electronic artist who incorporates numerous genres, often using goa, schranz, hardcore, and DnB. He publishes under the…

  6. Forest306 is the alias of Jacob Kimasu, an acoustic instrumentalist who performs classical arrangements of music from the popular manic shooter…

  7. Arranger: Takumi Inohaya
    Circle: Frontier Records (Frontier Create)
    Homepage: http://www.frontier-create.com/

  8. Van Dyke (bandaiku)

    Website: http://www.h6.dion.ne.jp/~mks7/bndyk.htm

  9. Name: MAJI a.k.a. GATCH, a.k.a. kasull
    Circle: Sound Chaos (とっても素朴な憩いの場)
    Site: www: http://soundchaos.symphonic-net.com/
    Skype: gatch_ (he's…

  10. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  11. Name: Kyōtansu. Arranger. Also known as 桐箪笥 (Kiritansu), 京箪笥 (Kyoutansu)

    Circle: C-CLAYS, K2 SOUND


  12. name: Youhi
    circle: Free - Logic
    www: http://f-l.sakura.ne.jp/

  13. Bugbeard is the producer for a jazz band that consists of members that have their own solo careers. The most notable member is Hiromi Mine, who…

  14. circle: HieroGraph
    member: Nyo

  15. name: Kotaro a.k.a. kota-rock
    circle: C-CLAYS, Kota-rocK
    www: http://kota-rock.com/

  16. flap+frog is a Touhou doujin group that focuses on calming jazzy renditions of popular Touhou tracks.

    Arranger: Iwakura Komaki (イワクラコマキ)…

  17. name:haLRu
    circle: MONOMIND
    Homepage: http://www.m2ind.com/

  18. Arranger: Kiyoma
    Circle: Golden City Factory


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