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ベリィ (Berry) was a band from Nagoya, Japan active from 2001 to 2003.

Vocal: ハヅキ (Hazuki) (lynch., ex-DEATHGAZE, ex-KUSSE)
Bass: ヤイリ (Yairi) (ex-Schwein, ex-)
Drums: ナオキ (Naoki) (DEATHGAZE)

Support guitar: 直人 (Naoto) (ex-DEATHGAZE)
Guest vocals: 藍 (DEATHGAZE)

2002.03.xx ブラッドプール/シャワールームシネマ (Blood Pool/Shower Room Cinema) (single)
2002.12.25 妖幻鏡-sea- (Yougenkyou -sea-) (includes song リワインド; Rewind) (omnibus)
2002.11.23 白痴 (Hakuchi) (mini-album)

Official Homepage: http://ip.tosp.co.jp/i.asp?I=whitejam01

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