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ネオロックンロールスタ→☆エース (Neo Rock 'n' Roll Star Ace) is a Japanese band from Osaka, Japan. They were originally a session band and started their activities as an official band on the 24th of January 2010, at the live at Osaka RED ZONE. Neo Rock 'n' Roll Star Ace work in the scene. Their music has a fun, pop rock sound like bands in the scene seem to aim for musically.

サト~Sato~ is the only original member of the band and got all new band members in 2011, as the other 3 original band members left due to musical differences. The band was signed to the Dear Dolce record label, but they have left the the record label wanting to change to another one.

They decided to disband after their one-man live “月曜日なのに…HOLIDAY!?~君と出会えたこの時から~"(getsuyoubi nanoni…HOLIDAY!?~kimi to deaeta kono toki kara~) on the 20th of August 2012. サト~Sato~ is now in a new band called THE BEST BROTHERS.

Vo. 藍人~Aito~
Gt. サト~Sato~
Gt. youne~ ゆうね~
Ba. かいな~Kaina~
Dr. 柚木 依~Yuzuki Yori~

Former Members:
ex-Vo. GINTA
ex-Ba. りなひ (Linahi)
ex-Dr. ヒナギ (Hinagi)

2010/01/24 → 『1234Go!Go!』 (Live Distributed Single)
2010/04/21 → 『PRINCESS』 (Single)
2010/06/23 → 『WE LOVE YOU』 (Single)
2011/05/26 → 『ROCK N’ ROLL PARTY』(Live Distributed DVD)
2012/01/06 → 『煩悩 (Bonnou)』(Live Distributed Single)
2012/04/25 → 『Worthless Doll』(Single)


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