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ドレミ團 (DOREMIdan) was a Japanese major visual kei band. The band's eccentric vocalist Makoto explained in an interview that their name comes from the Beatles song Don't let me down, which sounds like "do le mi dan" when pronounced with a Japanese accent. Their music is hard to describe, since they experiment and mix different types of rhythms in their songs.


マコト (Makoto) on vocals (Sheryl​ → Arcié → Genesys​ → Brilliant Sugar → ドレミ團、Brother → THE BEETHOVEN)

KEN on guitar (FREESIA → TRESOR → ドレミ團 → )

龍 (Ryu) on guitar (Le view → Mystic Moon → TRESOR (support) → ドレミ團 → 杉本善徳 (support) 、スラィム)

ユウ (Yuu) on bass (PuNクレア → Shelly Trip Realize → TINC → Brother、ドレミ團 → RUVISH)

零華 (Reika) on drums (Madeth gray'll → ドレミ團 → スラィム)

Former members:
Bass: Maya
Guitar: Haruhi
Bass: Ko-zi
Bass: Shinji
Guitar: Syuren



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