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2011.06.17: [album artist=ダウナー]セカンドヘッドバンギング-4mix-[/album] 2011.06.17: [album artist=ダウナー]セカンドヘッドバンギング-4mix-[/album]
2011.09.27: [album artist=ダウナー]cubic×POD[/album] 2011.09.27: [album artist=ダウナー]cubic×POD[/album]
 +2012.03.07: [album artist=ダウナー]クーロンズビューア[/album]
 +2012.03.17: [album artist=ダウナー]ステレオスノーRE:D.ver[/album]
 +2012.06.06: [album artist=ダウナー]セットリスト[/album]
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ダウナー (Traduced: DOWNER , Pronounced; Daunaa) is an indie Visual Kei Rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The currently four-member band was formed in early 2008 and held their first "demo" live on May 15th of that year. That same month they made their musical debut by participating in the compilation album, HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE VIII, and in June, they held their first official live at 高田馬場AREA. Also in June came the release of their first single, キリヲウカ. The band released eight more singles, a mini-album, and appeared on a few compilation albums throughout 2008 to 2010. However, on March 4th, 2011, drummer 凛音 left the band for family reasons. After his departure from the band, ダウナー announced that they will be continuing on as a four member band. On 30th November 2012, ダウナー official announced that bassist カゴメ will be leaving the band after the 17th Feb 2013 ONEMAN LIVE 『LAST Mind Swimmer』, and they have decide to pause their live activities . The beginning of 2013 , they have announced that they are coming back for further activities and live performance on the 7th April, 2013., when they also changed name to DOWNER. For all releases from 2013. starting with 「零」 , goes new band name DOWNER. ダウナー Members: Vocal: 杏 -Anzu- (a.k.a. 美堂 杏)(ex. 零流 → マルル (as 亜姫)) Guitar: ミウ -Miu- (ex. Lυτёη∀ (as You) → Curse (as You) → MADARA (as You)) Guitar: 蝶-hirari- (ex. appui (as このは。 / 小春)) Bass: IZA (ex. MiScast → リスミー → sparrow → FANTOM → シリアル⇔NUMBER (as イザ)) Drums: MW(ex. -Dew- (as 唯斗) → FEECHEダウナー Support Members: Drums: 優太 (ex. SIN (support) → アヤビエ (Roadie) → メガマソSlodYUINA (support) → World Wrap Wordダウナー Former Members: Drums: 凛音 -Rion- (ex. MADARA (as 雅志) → support member of メロ , now in Glam Grammar (as marsa)) Bass: カゴメ -Kagome- (ex. 零流 → マルル (as 雪兎)) support Drums: 悠介 (ex. Wizardダウナー Discography: 2008.05.21: HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE VIII (Tracks #11, #12) 2008.06.25: キリヲウカ 2008.07.30: MinD SwiMeR[01] 2008.12.25: ジャパネスクハイビジョナリズム 2009.06.12: 皐月香る花と雨 2009.08.26: MP-in-Heavy metal 2009.12.23: Candy[A]diveR 2010.01.27: ホワイトステレオスノー 2010.02.11: MinD SwiMeR[02] 2010.06.09: プラグドノスタルジア 2010.10.27: Re:storation 2011.04.21: さくら 2011.06.17: セカンドヘッドバンギング-4mix- 2011.09.27: cubic×POD 2012.03.07: クーロンズビューア 2012.03.17: ステレオスノーRE:D.ver 2012.06.06: セットリスト 2012.09.27: プラネタリウム 2013.01.14: 裏BEST ALBUM『セットリスト-海賊版- 』 2013.04.07~28: メルト 2013.05.29: 2013.09.25: リバーサー Links: ダウナー Official Website ダウナー at vkdb.japan -ヴィジュアル系データベース- ダウナー at visunavi ~びじゅなび~