• Music player shuffling

    2 Jan 2010, 05:18 by beybladersussi

    Put your music player on shuffle
    Post the first 40 songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeat tracks, skip to the next track.


    01. 倪子岡 – Superman
    02. 唐禹哲 – 新歌
    03. Tyrävyö – Uskoin niin
    04. シド – 小さな幸せ
    05. ニュース – SUMMER TIME
    06. 2PM & 2AM – Abracadabra
    07. 飛輪海 & 田馥甄 – 只对你有感觉
    08. GACKT – mind forest
    09. ニュース – Stand Up! (live)
    10. ニュース – MOLA
    11. ニュース – 裸足のシンデレラボーイ
    12. 林凡 – 不要對我再說愛
    13. GACKT – Vanilla (Unplugged Version)
    14. 아웃사이더 – 나락에 핀꽃
    15. Peter, Paul & Mary – The Unicorn Song
    16. 에픽하이 – Love Love Love
    17. 김종국 – 하루만
    18. GACKT – GHOST (Instrumental)
    19. 2PM – What Time Is It Now?
    20. 빅뱅 – 거짓말
    21. 元若藍 – 半情歌
    22. 빅뱅 – La La La
    23. K-Otic – ยิ่งห้ามยิ่งรัก
    24. GACKT – Secret Garden (Day Version)
    25. 潘瑋柏 – Have To Love
    26. 박현빈 – 짬뽕
    27. カトゥーン – Your smile
    28. 김동완 – 남자의 사랑
    29. GACKT – 君に逢いたくて
    30. Tank – 街頭霸王
    31. シーモ – マタアイマショウ
    32. Kurt – Movements
    33. 아웃사이더 ft. 샛별 – 연인과의 거리
  • #129 -- Where do Jews come from?

    13 Dec 2008, 02:48 by Cloverbell

    Where do Jews come from?
    I really can't tell you hun, but what I can tell you are where my top artists come from! 9 out of 10 guesses you probably already know that I listen to a lot of Japanese crap! Guilty pleasure but I won't turn it down.

    What you didn't know is that I also listen to a lot of Canadian junk by 14.8%. See? I do take a lot of pride in my nationality, so... don't even go there. >:O
    All those "bad sounding" basement bands are actually good. You know it to be true!

    9.1% of what I listen to is very British. Oi!
    Third place is is French kicking ass at 4.6%.
    Next is America...goaling in at 3.8%.
    At a modest yet subtle roar 2.4% is our Nordic Pals. Shalom, Norway, Shalom!~
    Korea marches in along side with the Vikings at a 2.1% outcome.
    Iceland scores a total of 1.7% as I've been only listening to Sigur Ros, Sugarcubes, Bjork and Silvia Night (Silvia Nott).
  • Approved!!!

    6 Sep 2006, 02:55 by Cloverbell

    Dear Melanie Hicks,

    Thank you for shopping with!

    Your order 4-------- has been approved and the items in your order will be shipped out on the following dates:

    タカチャ - Riding in You (Japan Version) Sep/11/2006
    Japan Mini: Default Sep/11/2006
    タカチャ - movin' (Japan Version) Sep/11/2006
    タカチャ - I♥田舎 (Japan Version) Sep/11/2006

    I take back my comment. X3
    However.. that little three day no comfirmation /no communication/ no telling where my money will end up-time worried me just a little. @.@
    Whatever. My precious musics are coming, that's all I can ask for! XD
  • I sunk my pitful head into my pair of hands...

    9 Aug 2006, 05:16 by Cloverbell


    I had a dream, I cut a black lab dog in half with my hand, because I wanted it as a friend even though it belonged to a ranch. The dog was happy and lively and we had fun but then my tour guides told me to give it up because he didn't rightfully belong to me. I was so sad. T_T (That had nothing to do with anything.. I just like talking about stuff)

    I'm expecting a new Portable Disco - RAM RIDER CD soon. Yeah, I let someone borrow it for ...uhm 8 months and they lost it. Le sigh. =_= Also my compy rejected my new hard drive recently for no apparent reason!? @_@
    OH JOY!!
    I HAVE CDS ^_^;; (That might explain why I haven't been scrobbling much)

    I'm neck deep in some new tunes, new albums, and new artists right now! I've been too far into my ass to realize that Japanese music is constantly changing and that I'm MISSING EVERYTHING GOOD.

    28 Feb 2006, 05:15 by Cloverbell

    I was about to send yesasia a complaint about my shipment being late until, I checked my mailbox to find my PACKAGE! =D
    Yeeeeeeeeees! To date I have three CD's by RAM RIDER! I got "HELLO" and "Portable Disco" a few months back and now I have "Bedroom Disco."
    The music video is really pretty. Very dreamy, dreamy imagery.

    Remember my ramblings way way back? Yes! That's the stuff I'm talking about. I got those CD's today! (タカチャ~ sono saki & nayamy)
    I is so Happy!

    Last Saturday I did a little splurging... I was very close to buying Magna Carta for PS2. (I've been waiting forever for this game to be available in English) Magna Carta is OLD like... several years seven perhaps! Korean PC rpg's are becoming so popular now-adays so I guess it won't be too long till we see some more Korean titles. btw Hyung Tae Kim saved my life.

    So anyhow, I splurged a bit on music CD's and gifts for my friend in Japan. …