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  1. FoZZtone members are:

    Masashi Watari - Vocals & Guitarist
    Birthdate: April 6, 1981
    Birthplace: Saitama
    Artsites favorites: Yoshii Kazuya, Southern,…

  2. Formed in 1999, アナログフィッシュ Analogfish] members are Kentaro Sasaki , Akira Shimooka and Syuichiro Saito . One of their songs スピード , was used as…

  3. 1) LOST IN TIME is a japanese indie rock band that formed in 2001 with 海北大輔 (Kaihoku Daisuke) on Vocals, bass & guitar and 大岡源一郎 (Oooka…

  4. メレンゲ (Merengue) is a Japanese rock band that was formed by Kenji Kubo (クボケンジ Kubo Kenji) in 2002 under Warner Music Japan. Later in 2003…

  5. UNCHAIN were formed in Kyoto in 1996. Tanigawa (vo&gt), Tani (ba), and Yoshida (dr) were classmates in their junior high school. Later, Sato (gt)…

  6. There's three bands with this name.

    1. GRAPEVINE - a Japanese rock band. Members are Kazumasa Tanaka (田中和将, Vocals), Hiroyoshi Nishikawa (西川弘剛,…

  7. Ryujin Kiyoshi (清竜人) is a 19 year-old singer/songwriter signed with EMI Music Japan. He made his debut in 2008 with the song "Send" which was…

  8. つばき (Tsubaki) is a rock band from Japan.

    -Vocal & Guitar: Noriyasu Isshiki
    -Bass: Hironaga Ogawa
    -Drums: Naoko Okamoto

    The band was…

  9. vocal + gt. 小山田壮平
    ba. 藤原寛
    dr. 岡山健二

    Andymori first formed in 2007, performing live at live houses in the Tokyo area. Their first big event was the…

  10. Members:
    Vocal/Guitar: 藤森元生(フジモリ ゲンキ/ Fujimori Genki) 1988.3.6 宮崎県出身
    Bass: 森野光晴(モリノ ミツハル/ Morino Mitsuharu) 1988.3.8 東京都出身
    Drums: 木村浩大(キムラ コウタ/…

  11. SISTER JET (シスタージェット) members are :

    ワタルS (vo/g)
    ショウサカベ (ba/cho)
    ケンスケアオキ (dr/cho)

  12. There is more than one artist with this name:

    1) A three-piece Japanese pop/rock band, composed of Sho Wada on vocals/guitar, Koji Hayashi on…

  13. Official Site:

  14. Hatsukoi no Arashi ("Storm of First Loves") is a Japanese band.

  15. Creephyp (クリープハイプ) is a rock band consisting of Hasegawa Kaonashi (bass), Ozaki Sekaikan (vo/gt), Koizumi Taku (drum), Ogawa Miyuki (gt). Formed…

  16. Fujifabric (フジファブリック) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2000, whose influences span from jazz to disco to progressive rock. Members include:…

  17. くるり (Quruli) is a Japanese rock band formed in 1996, consisting of members 岸田繁 (Shigeru Kishida/vocal + guitar) and 佐藤征史 (Masashi Sato/bass).

  18. Members :
    下村亮介 (Vocal, Keyboards, Programming, Songwriter, etc...)
    佐藤ニーチェ (Guitar)
    イイジマタクヤ (Drums, Percussion)

    - In 2003, formed.
    - In 2006,…

  19. Official site:


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