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  1. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  2. flap+frog is a Touhou doujin group that focuses on calming jazzy renditions of popular Touhou tracks.

    Arranger: Iwakura Komaki (イワクラコマキ)…

  3. name: Kouki Izumi
    circle: AramiTama (荒御霊)

  4. ぴずやの独房 (Pizuya no Dokubou), also known as Pizuya's Cell, is a hard rock Touhou Project arrange doujinshi solo project from Japan active since…

  5. can refer to:
    1. IZNA, vocalist for doujin circle Sally or サリー. Not to be confused with the visual kei band.

    Website: http://yaplog.jp/izunachannel…

  6. name: MERAMI-POP
    circle: こすもぽりたん / COSMOPOLITAN
    site: http://cosmopolitan.pikka.jp/
    twitter: https://twitter.com/melime93

  7. They initiate activities around August 2009 in Tokyo and Chiba.
    The band releases Touhou arranges as well as original albums.


    ◆ Vo. 556t …

  8. オーライフジャパン (O-Life Japan) is the circle around まさみティー (MasamiT), who arranges Touhou music in an orchestral and folk-like style.

  9. Alstroemeria Records is a doujin circle consisting of the record producer Masayoshi Minoshima and the lyricist Haruka, which primarily arranges…

  10. Vocals: Yukimame, Witch, しゃばだば

    Instruments, lyrics, arrange: しゃばだば, Sou


  11. vaguedge.info]Hull's official site

    Please note VAGUEDGE and Vaguedge dies for dies irae are two different artists.

    Vaguedge dies for dies irae is a…

  12. members:
    Vocal: JIN (→Vierge→)
    Guitar: Kei (→De≠prive→DE=LUGE (雅)→Vierge→Madeth gray'll (翡翠)→JELLY BERRY→Schwardix Marvally)
    Guitar: 静流 - Shizuru…

  13. Circle: TUMENECO


  14. mineko
    nico list:http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/10606591…

  15. circle: Hachimitsu-Lemon
    member: Aizawa (あいざわ) and Masafumi a.k.a. Clean Tears
    www: http://8lemo.lala.cc/

  16. This is an incorrect artist tag for GARDEN.

  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. English: forestpireo

    Vocals: kana, ななひら, みぃしゃ, 望月さくら


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