ギャロ (THE GALLO) is a rock band from Tokyo, Japan, though all members except Hikaru are Hokkaido natives.

The band began as a session band called ジョジョwith東京秘密倶楽部 (Jojo with Tokyo Himitsu Club) which had its first live on November 10, 2008. Three members from THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS started the unit and were permanent members of the session: ジョジョ (Jojo), McCueen (in THE GALLO: Lulu), and 名無し (Nanashi; in THE GALLO: Andy), though they were joined by other guitarists and drummers as they appeared. 楓 (Kaede) (also in test-No.) became a steady member, and in the spring of 2009 they announced their start as THE GALLO.
In December 2009, デシベル-db-’s guitarist 櫻井光 (Sakurai Hikaru) officially joined the band. ルル (Lulu) left the band after the June 2, 2012 one man tour final. THE GALLO had a short period of session activity during the summer after his departure under the name 大日本黒鶏主義者連盟 (Dainihon Kokkei Shugisha Renmei) with m:a.ture’s guitarist, 和城 (Wajou), on support. Wajou officially joined THE GALLO on September 7th.

Vocal: ジョジョ (Jojo) (ex. THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS)
Guitar: ヒカル (Hikaru) (ex. RAVE!, ex. デシベル-db-)
Guitar: ワジョウ (Wajou) (m:a.ture)
Bass: アンディ (Andy) (ex. THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS)
Drums: カエデ (Kaede) (ex. Fat Bug, also in test-No.)

ex. members:
Guitar: ルル (Lulu) (ex. THE SKULL FUCK REVOLVERS)

Official (non-distribution) Discography:
2009.05.05 無題 (Mudai)
2009.09.04 魔王 (Maou)
2009.12.21 東京シンデレラ (Tokyo Cinderella)
2010.10.20 東京破廉恥大サーカス-新世界 (Tokyo Harenchi Dai Circus)
2011.06.15 大魔王 (Daimaou)
2012.04.11 黒鶏論-NEO JAPANESQUE BEAUTY AND DESTROY- (Kokkeiron)
2012.12.16 極東浪漫譚・夢 (Kyokutou Rouman Tan ・ Yume)
2013.01.30 極東浪漫譚・星 (Kyokutou Rouman Tan ・ Hoshi)
2013.12.18 GALLO
2014.05.21 夢宴 (Muen)
2014.??.?? New full album


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