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  1. ジャガー (Jaguar) was a visual kei band from Nagoya, Japan formed in 2004 and disbanded in 2007.

    Vocal: 螺々 (Rara)
    → ジャガー → ブレア → Cu[be]
    Bass: 憂里…

  2. ガネーシャ (ex.GANEISHA) was a rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2000. They disbanded in 2007.

    Vocal : カナメ (Kaname) (ガネーシャ → CRIMSON →…

  3. 査~マルサ~ (Marusa) was a promising band which disbanded quite suddenly. Their music was quite heavy, dark and very melodic. Kei’s voice was also a…

  4. Their "Romaji-name" was Arc ~Otona ni naritakunai kodomotachi~. But they use Arc now.

    vo. KO~JI
    gt. Yuki
    dr. 俊~Shun~

  5. 七三式 / Shichisanshiki / 73shiki is a japanese visual indies band with a pretty unique approach to both their music and costumes. They play upbeat…

  6. テディ (Teddy) was a Visual Kei band, that had the first live 2004/06/02 at 名古屋MUSIC FARM.
    The formation change twice, adding and withrawing…

  7. barby/バービー


    Guitar: Akira
    Bass: Yamaji
    Drums: Kei
    Guitar: Dainosuke
    Vocals: Yuzuki

    ex vocals: Hinata 2003-2005

  8. Guy's family is a japanese rockband (visual kei ).

    Official site:


    Vocal - Kight
    Guitar - Shinobu
    Guitar - Reo
    Bass -…

  9. Die La'vice (ディエラヴィス) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan which formed in 2005/09 and disbanded at 2007/04/30.

    OHP | Visunavi | vkdb…

  10. ジゴロ(Jigoro) is a visual kei band signed to Red List Entertainment , formed in 2005. They disband in 2012/09/04.

    Vocal: 華遊(Kayuu) …

  11. 華族 (Kazoku) was a talented japanese visual indies band.
    In the beginning their sound had many punky influences, but after going through several…

  12. ルーシー (Lucy) is a metalband from Tokyo, Japan.

    The band was formed in 2007 by the current five members, Sakaki (榊, vocals), Kento (健斗, guitar),…

  13. Nigatsu Sanjuu Gonichi was a Japanese visual kei band which disbanded on july 12th 2007.

    vo. 奈音 -Naoto-
    → BUVLE BLEACH → (アニヲタク)…

  14. Pashya was a visual kei band signed to the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION label.
    Before starting pashya all four members belonged to the rather…

  15. キャサリン > R-18 > R-15 > R指定.

  16. Deflina Ma'riage was formed by 3 ex-members of Key Party label bands: 狂華 , TOMO and 彩. It started as a session band, but became permanent later.…

  17. メロウ (Romaji; Mellow) was a Visual Kei indies band from the Kantou region of Japan. The band formed in 2005 and spent most of that year and early…

  18. Saruin-サルーイン- was a visual kei rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed by Maria and Yanagi in 2003. In January 2004, drummer Reiga joined followed by…

  19. マルル (Maruru) was a Japanese visual kei band which formed in 2006 and disbanded after their live on the 11th of May 2007.

    Vo. Aki|亜姫 (零流→マルル→ダウナー…


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