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  1. ギルティア (Gilltia) was a Japanese visual kei band, formed in 2008.

    Vo. 遥 -Haruka- (RED → ギルティア → D'eiz)
    Gu. Vivi
    Gu. 唯 -Yui- (Ruincrear →…

  2. LAST EVA is an indies visual-kei band that started their activities 2008/05/03.

    Vo: たー
    → DIST → ピーチフィズ → ラストイヴ
    Gu: 隼兎
    → アンデット, ピーチフィズ → ラストイヴ…

  3. 斜GIRL (ShaGIRL) was a Japanese band that formed in 2008 out of the band otoiro, and disbanded on July 25th of 2009.

    Vocal - ナオキ (Naoki) (クロノス →…

  4. 独立国歌-Ashe'- was an indies visual kei band, formed in October 2007 and disbanded August 2009.

    Vocal: ひろん (Hiron) (フォトスフィア → Regret →…

  5. Vettic is an indies visual kei band, who formed in April of 2008 and disbanded after their live in April 4th,2010.

    Vocal: ICHIYA (ex-シネマストリップ)

  6. gaudie. is a visual kei band from Japan formed in 2007.
    In 2009 their guitarist Kei left the band. Drummer Hibiki left the band in January 2011 due…

  7. バックドロップ零式 (Backdrop Zeroshiki)

    Vocal - 蓮月 (Hazuki)
    Guitar - 永遠 (Towa)
    Guitar - 慶 (Kiyo)
    Bass - 汰麗 (Yuu)
    Drums - 紘 (Hiro)


  8. Vocals - ヤフミ(Yafumi)
    Guitar - 娜~Dai~
    Guitar - 良哉(Ryouya)
    Bass - 光雅(Kouga) Lloyd-ロイド-]

  9. Jewel formed in 2008 and disbanded in 2010

    Jewel members :
    Vocal : JIN(ex- Sephiro (as 陣))
    Guitar : 怜 -Rei- (ex- TRANS PARENT → 悪いヤツ!)
    Guitar :…

  10. A Tokyo-based visual kei band. They formed on January 4th 2007. They split in 2009.

    Vocals jouei (ex-YELLOW KING STAR / Chrono Sphere /…

  11. Vo. Keishi
    Gu. Sho Pawn→バッハ]
    Gu. TakFenryr]
    Dr. Izuru

    Ba. Rei

  12. 和鶴 (Waduru)

    Vo. ハル
    Gu. 水樹
    Gu. sora
    Ba. みさみさ
    Dr. 緋月

  13. LSD (not to be confused with L.S.D/エルエスディー) was an indie visual kei band from Shizuoka, Japan which started in 2006 and signed to Sequence…

  14. Member :

    Vocal. 命
    Guitar. ハヤテ
    Bass. 緋嶺
    Drums. LEMA

    Discography :

    (2005.12.20) 浦和ナルシス ライブ1st音源『テロリスト-Type072-』無料配布
    (2006.04.23) 浦和ナルシス…

  15. ネス (Neth) was a Japanese band from Ōsaka. They formed in July 2007 and disbanded after only a short time on 23th November 2008 after their…

  16. ラッド (Pronounced: Rado / Lad) was an indies Visual Kei Rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The four-member band was formed in April of 2007, and held…

  17. GRIEVER is a visual kei band that formed (from the ashes of BERLIN) in 2008 and split on December 26, 2009

    Vo. SIN → ASTRAY
    Gu. KIKYO →…

  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. RivaSquall (リバースコール) was a Japanese visual kei band formed in 2008 and disbanded in October 2010

    Members are:
    Vo. 幸 -sachi-…


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