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カル・ヴァリ (kalvary) were a band that formed in September 2007, but all their members have experiences from other VK bands. They disbanded on January 7th, 2011.

Vo. シネマ/Shinema (former DaLi/ダリ) - Not the Under Code band.
Gu. Takashi (former ARTS)
Gu. 牡丹/Botan (former DaLi/ダリ)
Ba. Ko-ich (former ARTS)

Dr. 英治郎/Eijiro (former DEUSE, Juka Support)

Discography -
(2007.12.26) JUDGMENT#002
(2008.01.02) Cranium entrance
(2008.05.14) Accomplice~共犯者~ (Kyouhansha)
(2008.06.04) モンタージュ (Montage)
(2008.11.05) Amorphous
(2009.01.07) ~Mystirudom Lips~
(2009.05.13) HIDEOUT
(2009.12.02) Liquid Puzzle
(2010.06.09) JOIN

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