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    1 Jan 2015, 00:38 by stagea

  • 2011/01/22 カルメン・マキ@中目黒 楽屋

    18 Aug 2011, 13:52 by tarumi

    カルメン・マキ(Vo) , 清水一登(P), 西嶋 徹(B)







  • 【女性歌手限定】1960-69年ヒット曲

    18 Feb 2010, 15:33 by janus_hi

    Hits of J-POP in 1960-69

    日本レコード大賞 the Japan Record Award 各賞受賞曲 The winners of prizes
    オリコン年間シングルチャート Oricon Annual Singles Chart 50位以内曲 Top 50 (1968-69)
    オリコン週間シングルチャート Oricon Weekly Singles Chart 20位以内登場曲(1968年以降) Top 20 (1968-69)
    ほか etc.

    曲名からLast.fmのトラック情報ページにリンクを張ってある項目(曲名が空色)は、私の手元にある曲です。リンクのない項目(曲名が灰色)は未入手の曲です。 I have the tracks with steelblue titles. I'm searching for the tracks with gray titles.
    歌手名・曲名の表記の乱れは、Last.fmの登録情報が原因です。 The names of artists and the titles of tracks are not exact, because of the chaotic database in Last.fm.

    ・プレイリスト Playlist:【女性歌手限定】1960-69年ヒット曲 Hits of J-POP in 1960-69
    ・ブログ Journals
     翌年 the next years:【女性歌手限定】1970-71年ヒット曲 Hits of J-POP in 1970-71
     前年まで the previous years:1900-59
    ・目次 Table:【女性歌手限定】年次ヒット曲 Annual Hits of J-POP

    松尾和子・和田弘とマヒナスターズ - 誰よりも君を愛す(1959/12/ )★1960年度日本レコード大賞 Grand Prize in 1960

    島倉千代子 - 白い小ゆびの歌(1960/01/ )作曲賞(古賀政男) Composition Prize
  • Carmen Maki.....this IS a female rock singer

    4 Jan 2008, 21:57 by AoiNightSatan


    Oh men! did you watch it!! i hope you did, because it's an awesome demonstration of talent.

    Next to her (carmen maki)the most important member within the band is guitarrist george azuma, one of the best musicians ever from japan.

    Carmen Maki began her career as a folk singer in the late 60's, then she took part in a (excellent) collaboration album along blues creation in '71.

    As we saw in the video, this was Carmen Maki and OZ.
    The debut album by Carmen Maki and OZ it's a very important and influential japanese progressive rock record that is still regarded one of the best. She were in this band from 75'- and sometime around 78'or '79, when she decided to go solo and realeased her Nighstalker album. On the album she's supported by the very talented and famous drummer Carmine Appice.

    after that, we find her in Carmen Maki & LAFF, and then in 1981 in her Heavy Metal band (along with george azume as well) 5X!