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Similar Artists

  1. Asana (あさな) is a Japanese female vocalist and a member of the doujin music circle IOSYS.

  2. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. ARM, a Japanese arranger and composer for several doujin circles. He's mostly known for being…

  3. Yamamoto Momiji


  4. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. miko is the main alias of 藤咲かりん (Karin Fujisaki), a Japanese female vocalist and sole member of…

  5. DJ, arranger and songwriter.

    Circle: IOSYS, OTAKU-ELITE Recordings

  6. Marina Fujiwara is a seiyū born in Kanagawa, Japan.

    Website: http://fujimari.com/

  7. There are at least 2 artists that go by this name.

    1. minami is a rock/metal guitarist and arranger from Japan who participates primarily in the…

  8. For detailed information: see IOSYS.

    IOSYS ( also known as イオシス ioshisu) releases doujin music discs for the Touhou games made by ZUN (Team…

  9. ALBATROSICKS is a sparkling music unit, spawned from IOSYS, which aims to create electronic pop music.
    With miko, ARM, quim, 夕野ヨシミ (Yoshimi Youno)…

  10. There are at least four artists named Uno:

    1) Alter ego of german hip hop artist Twit One, used for the Instrumental Hip Hop Album "Testiculo y…

  11. namae: Chihiro Kannami
    circle: Tennen Gemini
    www: http://tenjemi.com/

  12. name: Ai Oosera
    circle: Innocent Key


  13. Izabel (イザベル, Izaberu) is a Japanese female vocalist featured on several songs from the doujin music circles IOSYS, Innocent Key and OTAKU-ELITE…

  14. Aihara Chihiro

    Circle: Tennengemini

    Webiste: https://twitter.com/chihirokannami

  15. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  16. Name: Aihara Yuuki

    Circle: 天然ジェミニ (Tennenjemini)

    Website: https://twitter.com/yuu_aihara0kny

  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. name: Koko
    circle: Amnesia
    www: http://www.geocities.jp/nyokikoko/

  19. name: Ayumi Nomiya
    circle: honey☆bitter, anima, ALiCE'S EMOTiON


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