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◁◀▹▸▼▽▼ ▵ //\\\\\/ ᄼᄽᄾ ᄼᄽᄾ \/////\\ ▾ ▼▽▼◂◃▶▷ great rite \ˈgrāt \ˈrīt\ 1. a form of sex magic that includes either ritual sexual intercourse or else a ritual symbolic representation of sex. |

❝a mellifluous, vexing representaion of isolated heartbreak and metamorphosis as told through near indistinguishable lyrics, throbbing instrumentation and echoy despair. Like muscles strung together by sinewy fibers and thread - a blanket of fleshy matter - avast and abstract - masking your intent.❞ @unholyrhythms

GREAT RITE is a gazed out drag… read more

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    feels good man
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    ᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾ ᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼ ᄼᄼᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽ ᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄾᄼᄽᄾᄾᄼᄽᄾᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄾᄼᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾ ᄽᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾ ᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄽᄼᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄼᄽᄼ ᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄽᄽᄽᄼᄼᄼᄼ ᄽᄼᄾᄽᄽᄼᄾᄽᄽᄼᄾᄽᄽᄽᄽᄼᄽᄼᄽᄼᄽᄽᄾᄽᄽᄾᄽᄽᄾᄽ ᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄽᄼᄽᄼᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼ ᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄽᄽᄾᄼᄽᄾᄼᄽᄼᄾᄽ
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    I ▲ Witch House!
  • Avatar for Tactical_Spork
    where the fuck do I even get the other 3 tracks
  • Avatar for HappyMeltedCity
  • Avatar for massacreincolor
    Hermoso o.o
  • Avatar for RealCallahad
    Inspiring picture
  • Avatar for soeur_vengeance
    So there IS witch house in Tulsa now. Fuck I knew it, it was only a matter of time.
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