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Алексей Вдовин (Вдоха) – lyrics, music, vocal, acoustic guitar
Александр Хрячков (Басист) – bass-guitar
Вадим Сомс – electro-guitar
Антон Машкин – saxophone, flute
Дмитрий Кирсанов – drums, percussion
Сергей И* – drums

Date of birth: October 2, 1999
First concert: January 2000.

Places of meeting: Moscow and Saint-Petersburg clubs ("Форпост", "Б-2", "Табула Раса", Mezzo Forte, "Вермель", "Вереск", "Живой уголок", The Point, "Камчатка", "Трилистник") as well as some other cities of our vast Motherland Russia (Stavropol, Montchegorsk, Tver, Nizhni Novgorod, Tcherepovets, Belgorod). Moreover, the band takes part in projects of several radio-stations ("Культура", "Эхо Москвы", SPECIALRADIO, "Живое радио") and was the guest of the "Брать Живьем" show (on the alternative music channel "о2тв") in summer 2006.

Achievements: October 23, 2004 – 1st prize in the finale of the Moscow Regional Rock-Festival "ПроРок".

Releases: February 2005 saw the appearance of the band's first live-album "Три концерта в клубе "Форпост"".
Recently, a studio album has been recorded and mastered that was supposed to be released in spring 2007.

About the band: "НедРа" represents rock music in its best traditions. Their songs leave nobody indifferent, and many of their songs' lines have become popular expressions in their listeners' surrounding. НедРа's concerts are an equilibration on the verge, a vivid romance and tough rock music, sincere and candid as much as possible. The band is always experimenting though remaining true to themselves. Each song is a complete story with its beginning, culmination, and outcome, and an individual intonation, vocal style, and a performance manner is chosen for it. What attracts a listener is a play on words, a certain frolicsome taking off, an interlacing, an echo in significance weight environment. The same goes for the songs arrangement: the guitar's aggressive persistence is softened by sudden flute or clarinet parts, percussion evokes a feeling of a rash progression while the saxophone gives the music a dandyish, a glamourous flavor.

Official web-site: www.ned-ra.ru

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