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    звуки скайпа в начале смущают.
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    Muy bueno !!!!
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    Тролли рулядЪ! :D
  • Avatar for pedrowtf
    I have no idea about lyrich but this song is fucking awesome ! [3]
  • Avatar for bilapolar
    ах, этот проигрыш.., ууууугу!
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    Классное творчество!
  • Avatar for funny_polly
    Просто обожаю!!!!
  • Avatar for KarinaRinni
    ооооо!!! Я ОБОЖАЮ ЭТУ ПЕСНЮ!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for vancouver_vince
    A song with REAL balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Tigre_of_blue
    отлично сделано, такая глубокая песня!!!
  • Avatar for ShiningNSilent
    I have no idea about lyrich but this song is fucking awesome !
  • Avatar for spamamontov
    Великолепна, как и всё творчество МТ )
  • Avatar for CasaFatima
    gracias por la traduccion! este grupo es buenisimo.
  • Avatar for Vincent_G
    johnnyroenyc I know that it is weird to translate song in 2 minutes,however... ))) We had to go toMoscow May be it 10 times f*cked up We have to transit contrabanda: Couple containers of warmy hearts 2 oz of tenderness as change(money) My smile for you into the bargain And brighty colors to limp grey and tedious winter Chorus: Uuuhu, uuuhu Such grey and tedious winter Uuuhu, uuuhu Such… Hope we will mix Venus, Mars and more Jupiter And instill in Magadan (far east Russian city) and Piter (Sant-Petersburg) Such tempting cocktail For sure And hope civilians have not put out From way and better have not became a drunkard And have not forgotten to pelt with piece of coals Grey and tedious winter Chorus Maybe we will be weird For you a sip one more for glory For us bratna (sik) is not a warming Takes by mistake In Arctik ocean until Chukotka (Russian far east) Sails are hovering at our boat Hope we will not be burned at all And with kind word take so tender winter Chorus Uuuhu Such…
  • Avatar for johnnyroenyc
    i have no idea what he is saying but i like da beat, itz really kool : )
  • Avatar for MelomanXXXL
    Ёб твою за ногу, почему на ласте нету кнопки "Назад"? Она бы здесь стопудово пригодилась! Песня просто супер!!!
  • Avatar for tpgames
    "kontrabandi" is a bad translitiration of the Russian song title. It does mean "contraband" though. I can't translate any of the lyrics because my Russian isn't that good yet. That word just happens to be a cognate and my Russian dictionary proved it. ;) I do like the song though. I'd love to be in a coffee shop with great ambience, listening to this group while I sat in front of my computer and worked on my website. I'd get a lot done as this song is relaxing and yet energetic. спасиба! хороший "Band"! (Thank you! Good band! [In my pathetic Russian].)
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  • Avatar for Marya66
    Музыка превосходная !!! И вокал мало того что оригинальный, но и малоповторимый:)) Молодцы!!!
  • Avatar for SolnyshkoFCSM
    раньше его песни были намного лучше.хотя и сейчас можно слушать.но не то(
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    Терпеть не могу этот голос, но инструментальная часть хороша!
  • Avatar for bander_az
    ну вот опять серая и нудная зима -(
  • Avatar for Nevozmozhno
    не понравилось
  • Avatar for lsmzarco
    awesome band!
  • Avatar for ZoeBina
    what a smooooth voice
  • Avatar for bleorgh
    reaaaaaally love this!
  • Avatar for Amplified83
    I like this band. I don't know what they're called, I don't know the name of the song, but I like it!
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    Mymiy Troll - number one!!!!!! Prosto super!!!!!
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    настроение поднимает
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    pops...эт конешн да...но блин стильно...и красиво сделано:))))
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    а............ . . помню ночь премьеры песни в интернете. . как радовался-то .. . ! ух!
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    да мне тоже нравится!!!!!они вообще молодци
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    люблю эту песню......
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    афигенная песня!


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