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Indie rock band from St. Petersburg, Russia (formed in 1998).

In general we can hardly reckon More & Relsy's songs to pop-punk style as others say. The style they play is similar to pop-punk bands that exist in European countries. Their songs have fast rhytm, sounds of overloaded playing guitars, and unlimited flights of fancy.
The story of the band called "More & Relsy" is similar to foreign bands because the members of the band stricktly refuse having any sponsor. They don't apreciate any commercial aims. They prefer recording albums and spread/give out them by themselves among listeners and friends of them.
In the past they had approved for several times that ideal life for them was "playing in clubs", "giving gigs" and "going to tours on their own microbus".

H I S T O R Y:
The band "More & Relsy" was formed in 1998 and during the first 3 years was a band which played in clubs of St. Petersburg. During that period they didn't record any album or a song.

In 2002 the first album of "More & Relsy" was recorded by them. And it was called "Играть по клубам и доить спонсоров". Actually the name of the album is allegory and we can't translate it for sure but in general it stands for "Play in clubs and make sponsor pay more".
Circulation of the album wasn't that huge and it was released on More & Relsy's label which called "D_Stroy"

Since 2001 More & Relsy has given lots of gigs and taken part in festivals that were held in Moscow and St.Petersburg.
In summer of 2004 the band recorded a new album called "На Дискач" which means "Let's go to disco" or the second meaning is "Songs for disco". The album consists of 13 tracks and a few bonus tracks that were remixed from an album "ИПКИДС". Also the album has a few videos and mp3 tracks of previous songs of the band.
In August 2004 More & Relsy recorded an "unplanned" album called "No Electronic.Covers". The album consists of various electronic cover songs of such bands as Prodigy, Aphex, Twin, Goldie, etc. Sound of the songs were taken in live playing. Actually the same sound that we listen on a live concert.
Anyway the album wasn't officially released because the band recorded songs despite having exclusive rights on them.

After that, they had several gigs in St.Petersburg, Moscow, Pskov, and tours in Baltis, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kyrgystan.

By 2007 they had become one of the best bands of St.Petersburg and released a new ironic single called "А ты уже подружился с охраной?" that stands for "Have you already got on well with security?"

They used to play on roofs of multi-storey buildings in St.Petersburg only for pleasure.
After that they started giving gigs in clubs by a cynical slogan "Играть по клубам и доить спонсоров". Each year information about More & Relsy has been spreading, a number of listeners have increased, and new cities have been added in the tour schedule.
In 2003 the band was considered as a new style band on the alternative scene.
In 2004 the maganize "RockMusic.Ru" called them as the best band in Russia.
In September 2005 the magazine "Play" considered the band as a young perspective band of Russia. In Summer 2005 a new track "Морэ энд!" (Morye and!) was aired on "Maximum" radio's wave. And in that summer guys took a part at two big festivals "Крылья" (Wings) and "Нашествие" (Invasion).
But the big news were a new album of the band. It was the first 100% official CD of the band. Now everybody could buy the CD in music stores. Previous albums people could get in underground parties and the internet.
The album was named as the same as the band's name "More & Relsy". It consists of the most significant songs that were made by the band in previous years.
They are: «Mорэ Энд», «Шпионы» (Spies), «O’Lalushka», etc.
Most of songs have been remixed, remastered and recorded again.
Also the album has songs that have never been recorded. They are: «Mуравьи» (Ants), «Шведский Pок» (Swedish rock), «Bеселые истории» (Cheerful stories) and «Шпионы» (Spies).

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