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  2. Tasty cocktail of ska, reggae, punk, dixieland and pop.
    The combination -- full of energy and sass -- make for a great listen, and are enough to…

  3. Distemper is the name of more than one artist

    1) Ska-punk from Moscow
    2) Raw D-Beat Hardcore from Japan

    1) A ska punk band from Moscow,…

  4. Группа образовалась 23 октября 1999-ого года.

    Первоначальный состав:

    El Gordito - бас;
    Vetvi - гитара, вокал;
    Ingenieur - саксофон;
    Skanker -…

  5. Elysium-family band from Russia.

    Positive, cool rock.


    2006 - "Лампаццирия" (Lampacciriya)
    2005 - "Нам нужны моря и океаны" (Nam…

  6. There several artists with this name:

    1. Ska-core band from St Petersburg.
    2. US Metalcore / mathcore quintet.
    3. Heavy Metal band from Italy.

  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...


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