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  1. Distemper is the name of more than one artist

    1) Ska-punk from Moscow
    2) Raw D-Beat Hardcore from Japan

    1) A ska punk band from Moscow,…

  2. This is an incorrect tag for Кожаный Олень. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do Last.fm and yourself a favor. Fix your artist tags.

  3. Элизиум (Elysium) is a ska-punk/cosmos-rock band formed in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia, in 1994. They freely vary own musical style, though generally…

  4. Elysium-family band from Russia.

    Positive, cool rock.


    2006 - "Лампаццирия" (Lampacciriya)
    2005 - "Нам нужны моря и океаны" (Nam…

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  6. There several artists with this name:

    1. Ska-core band from St Petersburg.
    2. US Metalcore / mathcore quintet.
    3. Heavy Metal band from Italy.

  7. Группа образовалась 23 октября 1999-ого года.

    Первоначальный состав:

    El Gordito - бас;
    Vetvi - гитара, вокал;
    Ingenieur - саксофон;
    Skanker -…

  8. Поп-панк группа из Обнинска, Калужской области.

    С ирокезом бесплатно (2002)
    В ж... телевизор! (2003)
    Секрет Жизни (2007)…

  9. Наив is russian Punk rock band. The leader of the group is Alexander "ChaCha" Ivanov (vocals), the director of the group is Dmitri "Snake"…

  10. The band was formed in 1986 in Leningrad, USSR, by three classmates. The original line up was Alexander Luk'yanov on guitar, Dmitriy Babich on bass,…

  11. Shluz appeared on the Russian punk stage at 29th September 1999.
    It was the day of their first concert in the Moscow club "Svalka"
    and it was…

  12. Тараканы! was formed by 16-year-old classmates in Moscow, Russia in 1991 under the name of Четыре Таракана.

    Debut album — Duty Free Songs was…

  13. Clockwork Times are from Moscow city (Russia).
    They play a Punk-rock style with elements of ska-punk and ska-core. The lyrics of their songs are…

  14. Russia

  15. F.P.G. is a punk band from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. They play fast punk-hardcore music with a bit tough but at the same time quite philosophical…

  16. The band, whose German name translates as "colliery surveyor art", was formed by geology students from the University of St. Petersburg, Russia…

  17. A pop punk band formed in 2000 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    Official site

  18. УЛЬИ - is a Rock/Punk/Alternative/Rap band from Moscow-city. They began to rock in 1997 and continue now.

  19. Группа Тени Свободы образовалась в 2004 году, первый состав: Илюха (бас), Толян (соло-гитара), Ванес (вокал), Антонио (барабаны), Денис…


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