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With "Combination" was founded in 1988 in the city of Saratov Shishininym Alexander, director and part-time writer, and a young composer Vitali Okorokov. On the creation of the female group of inspiring seen on the eve of the concert of "Mirage".

The hardest thing was to pick up the composition. Soloist Tanya Ivanov, another schoolgirl, Alexander met on the main street in Saratov Conservatory student Lena Apina led Vitali Okorokov. From Saratov College of Music in the group came Svetlana Kostyk keyboardist and guitarist Tanya Dolganova, from the nearby town of Engels came to rehearsals bassist Olga Akhunov, and found a drummer - Julia Kozyulkova. In September 1988 the band gave its first concert, after which it became clear that Russia's stage, new stars. Despite young age (girls were 16 to 19 years), already in 1989 the team won the country its hit «Russian girls».

After the resounding success of the 1989 song «Russian girls» Saratov group "Combination" went to conquer the country. Face it were two irresistible soloists: Alena Apina and Tatyana Ivanova.

"Russian Girls" was the second and very successful album. By the time of its release "combination" is quickly gaining popularity actively kontsertiruya on cities and villages of the vast country. The climax was a speech in Moscow, after which the group literally rained all sorts of offers of cooperation.
Unfortunately, there have been speculations on the famous company: was stolen from a demo tape, which the pirates to replicate and allowed to walk in the country under the name "Angelica". However, output "Russian girls" put an end to this deceit, and opened the era of this kombinatsiomanii.

After a series of successful concert tours 1989-90, as well as shootings in 1990 in the film "Мордашка" Dmitry Haratyanom, group "Combination" is once again going to the studio to record a new disc.

The third album, "Moscow residence permit", became the shock disk group, almost immediately rose to the top of the charts. Such songs as «American boy» and "Accountant" immediately went to the people, thanks largely to director Sergei Kosach removed the original clip. They began singing in the streets and houses, purring under his nose on his way to work and put on discos. Around the group name to start a real buzz: concert site did not intervene everyone, tickets were taken by storm, as dealers sold them for triple the price. The editorial boards of journals and newspapers piled with letters asking to write something about your favorite team. Voices Alena Apina and Tatyana Ivanova became the voice of a generation of early 90's. New time required new names and new legends, and "combination" has become such a legend.

After sverhuspeshnogo album "Moscow residence permit" "combination" has become one of the leaders of Russia and the idol of the stage a great number of young people. Lingering tension touring the country and even abroad, in Germany, has always had full houses. The team was on a wave of success and continued to work in the studio and on concert stages. Even Care Alena Apina, became a strong shock to the "combination" does not impact on the record their fourth album, entitled "Two piece of sausage." The quality of the recording of this album, group director Alexander Shishinin make special high demands: The result is a perfectly recorded disc with a set of new shock hits, including a potpourri of old songs. As an experiment, was recorded one song in English. Group preparing for the tour in America and Europe. The fifth album, "The most-most", was recorded in collaboration with Igor Sarukhanov: music critics, not to mention the fans, very warmly received by this record, paying tribute to the quality of material, arrangements and recording. "Combination" by this time has several times changed its composition, but charming soloist Tatiana Ivanova did not change the group and continued to sing for the joy of many fans. Due to this, in 1998 came the album "Let's chat.

With not lose popularity and has remained one of the most popular teams in Russia's platform. The charm of this women's team does not go away and to this day, "The combination of" successful tour.

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