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Ivanna Nechay is an original phenomenon in the music world, which was first declared in 2008, in Odessa, with the release of the promo album «Shunjata». Two musicians, Ivanna Nechay and Andrei Sokolov, have been working together on new material, a substantial part of which was the author's music based on the symbiosis of ethnic motifs and contemporary electronic sounds. Some of the songs have been performed in the spirit of the urban music shamanism. Music was being distributed on the Internet, rapidly gained popularity among a wide range of listeners, as the promo released.

In parallel, Ivanna have been shooting her first music video for the song "Nastya", and six months later the second video “The smell of life” is going to appear. During the filming of "Nastya" the camera crew has travelled to the picturesque place of settlement of Old Believers, Vilkovo, where the Danube stretches Ukrainian Venice Lipovansk Old Believers’s village. The second clip is diametrically opposed as to meaning, and in the director's decisions: its being shot in psychiatric hospital of Odessa city.

After the work on the album has been finished, in March 2009 Ivanna Nechay gathered a group, and adapted her songs with a rock sound. The rise in popularity of music as in his native city and beyond, have being leaded to the organization of several thematic events.
So, the 6 July 2009, after numerous requests of fans, Ivanna organized by the Black Sea forgotten holiday "Midsummer", where modern people a day were able to experience the ancient traditions of the Slavic ancestors. Atmosphere of unity with Slavic culture resonated with dances, leaps over the fire, looking for a flowering fern Kupala treasure, weaving garlands, burning effigies of Kupala, live music and many other simple pleasures of active contact with nature and each other.
In July, Ivanna Nechay’s staff are fighting for the land Kuyal'nitskiy estuary at the festival "Salt of the Earth" directed against the barbaric plunder of Kuyal'nitskiy Reserve.
That fall, is a kind of event in which Ivanna joined the musicians, artists, fashion designers, models and dancers in a single live performance, expressed in two words - "Autumn Mood".
In July of 2010, Ivan organized in Odessa International Ethnic Festival "Slavic Zen." The festival was attended by musicians from Ukraine, Russia and Germany. The event received wide media coverage, because such a festival was held in Odessa for the first time. Traditional music, dance, martial arts, themed drama, the fair folk artists, master classes, seminars and self-celebration of “Ivana Kupala” - that was an incomplete list of three-day festival, which also was the site of children's, social and environmental units.

In December 2009, Ivanna went to Western Europe. In Berlin, thanks to friends and fans, in the studio recording two new demos (which are being prepared for release next ethno-album), sings on a few private soirees for poly-ethnic public. From Berlin flied to Paris, where she met with Kirill Ter-Ambartsumian, the leader of the group "New Australia" and organizer of the annual festival in Paris “The Russian Space”. New ideas and joint projects have appeared as a result of those meetings.

Upon her return to Odessa, the singer re-organized her team, and the music has filled with new shades: emphasis on the harmonious combination of the archaic sound of musical instruments and electronic component of the project. Anastasia Baranova also comes in the new structure, which have brought a dance-theater performance.

December 1, 2010 Russian music company "Bomba-Piter" released another promotional compilation of independent artists, "Hunting," which became one of the tracks Ivanna Nechay.
At the time, Ivanna cooperates with an ensemble of folk instruments "Mosaic", brought together the author's style singer and composer's vision of music director of the ensemble, Aleksey Surovykh. Their performances are held at the Philharmonic in Odessa, Kiev and other major cities in Ukraine, as well as at international festivals and competitions.

At present, the band tours extensively in Russia and Ukraine, organizes exclusive Slavic parties,takes aсtive part in ethnic and ecological festivals,б works on material for a new album.

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