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(Zoe/Zoya Yashchenko and "Belaya Gvardia")
A "senti-mental rock" band formed in Russia in 1993. The original lineup consists of Зоя Ященко (Zoya Yashenko) and Олег Заливако (Oleg Zalivako).
In 1993 Зоя Ященко and Олег Заливако recorded their first album, entitled Белая Гвардия (Belaya Gvardiya). Despite the poor quality (they recorded the album at home) the light acoustic rhythms became well known and appreciated by the public.
During the period from 1994 to 1996 the duo had recorded 3 new albums -

  • 1994 - Голубая Стрела (Golubaya Strela)
  • 1995 - Тонкие Миры (Tonkie Miry)
  • 1996 - Амулет (Amulet)
    The third one is a representative of Зоя Ященко's impressions from her trip to India.

Same year the duo had first gigs in Moscow on the stages of Olympic Village, ДК МЭИ, ДК “Меридиан”, Polytechnical Museum and ЦДХ.
In 1997 they released fifth album Зной (Znoy)

In 1999 Олег Заливако left the duo and Зоя Ященко invited Дмитрий Баулин (Dmitry Baulin) to join Белая Гвардия. Together they've recorded Это всё ты (Eto vsyo ty). Then they teamed up with Павел Ерохин (Pavel Erokhin) and Константин Реутов (Constantine Reutov). The band gets its well-known sound - two guitars, bass, flute, violin, percussion.
In the end of 2001 and the beginning of 2002 the band recorded two albums - Другие острова (Drugie ostrova) and Когда ты вернешься (Kogda ty vernyoshsya) - re-recorded version of the first album Белая Гвардия with bonus material.
During 2005 Зоя Ященко и группа "Белая Гвардия" released two albums Кукла в кармане (Kukla v karmane) and Питер (Piter). Single Питер from that album became radio-rotated hit.
In 2006 were released Зоя Ященко's book "25 песен и 5 рассказов” (25 pesen и 5 rasskazov) and documentary movie “Я буду лететь” (Ya budu letet') about the band.
Since then the band have recorded Глаза цвета кофе (Glaza cveta kofe) in 2007 and Заводной сверчок (Zavodnoy sverchok) in 2009 promoted by single Королева (Koroleva).

Зоя Ященко и группа "Белая Гвардия"

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