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Just as there is K-pop in Korea and J-pop in Japan, in Mongolia, there's M-pop, or Mongolian pop music, and singer Bold has big dreams for M-pop. Born in 1978, Bold is a Mongolian musician who is trying hard to bring Mongolian music to the global stage by grafting traditional cultural arts onto modern art. His first album "Mongol Pop" was his first steps toward realizing his dream, and his efforts were rewarded when he received Turiin Shagna commendation from his country at the age of 33. He was also the first to perform at a government complex where all public institutes are gathered. He is currently preparing "Mongol Pop 2."

Bold encountered music early in his life as he was born to an art family. He attended a music school and majored in violin, and then in 1995, he began his music career with his band Camerton, formed with his school friends. The first album featured "18nas" (18 Years Old), which he wrote and composed. Bold still says that his most memorable stage was when the band celebrated the release of their first album. In 2005, he released his solo R&B album "Love Power" featuring 14 songs. This album helped him become recognized as the best R&B singer in Mongolia.

Bold’s interests span across music to the cinema. An ardent fan and collector of movies, he also successfully debuted on the screen by taking a lead role in "Bi Chamd Hairtai" (I Love You). He has also appeared on numerous commercials. In 2006, he invited a foreign sound engineer to Mongolia, a first in the country, and established a professional music studio, B Production. From here, he produced talented young singers like Maraljingoo, Agiimaa, Egshiglen. B Production, always open to new acts, is driven by an expert team of composers, lyricists and directors. Bold is currently busy producing Camerton 2 that will succeed his first band.

Mongolia has beautiful traditional music and unique forms of musical art, such as morin khuur, urtiin duu and huumii. What Bold is doing is developing these traditional forms for the modern 21st century and tuning them to jazz, hip hop and R&B. In this way, he promotes traditional music and customs with modern music in his home country and abroad. He claims that the person he respects and loves the most is his grandfather. The morin khuur he received from his grandfather on his birthday has become a number one treasure of his family. His grandfather had a significant influence on his personality, as he was always told by his grandfather, "Humans are not always perfect. They learn until they die. But it’s difficult to realize that in our lifetime."

Perhaps it’s because of his grandfather’s teachings that Bold places greater importance on teamwork than perfection of one person. He knows that songs are not just heard once and then forgotten. He believes that music is intimately linked to history. That’s why he seeks the advice of historians for his stage costumes and uses images of cultural assets. His interest in culture and art is vast. He is currently at the final production stage of a documentary titled "Mongol Popiin Tailal" (Interpretation of M-pop), which is only one of his many efforts to promote Mongolian traditional culture and art. When he was performing at the governmental complex, he had the royalty walk down a white felt carpet, not a red carpet. This kind of involvement with the traditional culture makes him so popular among esteemed cultural experts.

A humble and hardworking star, Bold is again running fast ahead to make Mongolian pop music and traditions more well-known in the world.

*Bold’s Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/BOLDcamerton

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