• My favourite albums of 2006...

    8 Apr 2007, 20:33 by thedaydreamer1

    -WTF?!? It's April! We have entered the 4th month of 2007 and this dude is compiling his list of favourite albums that came out in 2006?
    -Well... actually... yes!

    No time to waste, here we go:
    [disclaimer: keep in mind that I chose mostly from the ones I own since I am not able to fully appreciate burned music and mp3's, furthermore my Hard Drive recently crashed and a large part of my mp3 collection was lost :( ]

    1. Tool - 10,000 Days: It might not be Lateralus (i.e. absolute masterpiece!), it was nevertheless the first Tool album in 5 years, and, damn, I fuckin' love this band! From the Lateralus-ish Vicarious to the epic Wings (Tool's most touching songs ever), from the Undertow-ish The Pot to Right in Two, 10,000 Days seems to have all the necessary ingredients for a great album. It's definitely my favourite album that came out on 2006... after all my profile exhibits just how much I appreciated it!
    2. Muse - Black Holes and Revelations: I sure knew that Muse was an exceptional band…