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***VitaPeis started off in late 2001.Their first live was in Kalamata City in 27/12/02. The members of the group are Lampros (MC), Asarkos (MC), Hatemost (MC), Fortsatos (MC) Gerontas, J-Turn (DJ), Elz (Producer), Mr Tickles (Producer). All of the albums have been given free from the internet. They have come out with three albums (Athanato), (Axexasto), (Gia Tous Opadous), and not from a record label, the albums have been given to the public from live concerts of their own. All the music and recording is done in a home studio…
The one and only athens team is here ..

***Albums:Athanato, Axexasto, Akuron, Gia Tous Opadous..Waiting for Eflekton..

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