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This punk band came into existence in 1988, in fact in a pub, where they drank to dispel the boredom that accompanied the whole 80's. The band CERTUF PUNK was founded by lighting engineers of a metal band out of necessity to express their opinion on the rottenness of the totality regime. They could not play any instrument, rehearsed in a workshop, played quite loudly and in this way they released the pressure of the time from them. The line-up looked like this: Fifi - vocal, Cabas - bassguitar, Blondyn - guitar, they used to borrow drummers from other bands. Their repertoire was about six songs but as early as at that time they performed at concerts, it was a real chaos. A year later, again in a pub, a guitarist Ludwig was recommended to them. Blondyn could not bear it psychically and left the band. And with him their rehearsal room as well. They rehearsed in Ludwig's living room, without a drummer. The situation improved, though concerts were negatively influenced by the fact that borrowed drummers knew any song very rarely. Then Samba comes thanks to an advertisement. They started to function as a normal band and they had their own rehearsal room, too. They put out a demo tape BORDEL V BORDELU (A MESS IN A MESS). After one year band is comming with album STEJNEJ BORDEL (THE SAME MESS) and after another two years with an album of non-compromise brutal punk NO FUTURE. The next album is released as late as after four years, recorded by the same line-up. It is called FUCKING WORLD and it has the best sound and is full of the most compact punk the band could reach.

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