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There are a few bands called Umlaut.

1) (Ümlaut) An anarchist punk/crusty/hardcore/thrash band who claimed to be from Finland. They are notorious squatters, and ride large motorcycles.
Ümlaut's discography consists of s/t 6" EP and "Havoc Wreckers" LP (2001), both of which were rereleased as "Total Disfückingcography" CD.

2) A band based in Melbourne, Australia which includes former Mr. Bungle member Bär (pronounced "Bear") McKinnon.

3) A Japanese rock band. (UMLAUT.)

4) An indie band from Sheffield, England who released one single "Winter Coat", in Oct 2005 on Fantastic Plastic Records then split up. The different members went onto form two other bands Situationists and Johnny Rocket & The Bang Bangs.

Note - last.fm is currently redirecting Umlaut to this page Ümlaut - this is understandable, but incorrect. So, in the meantime please CORRECT your TAGS. For example, Australian Bär McKinnon's Umlaut does not have an umlaut.

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