Noisomatic: Want to be frightened?


28 Jan 2007, 12:18

Ok, ok, not so frightened but you can allow your ears for some savagely distorted and then treat them with pads and al s. Yes, I'm talking about a new release here at!

We just managed to get nine songs from our mysterious mate eb7m. In fact, one of the songs (shit! there is a kid in the house! go save him!) was already around here as the first material we publicly released from eb7m but whoever is eb7m is lazy as hell and has spent a whole year in delivering eight more songs!

The album is called noisomatic. It describes a lonely long ago forgotten planet, where only abandoned machines remain as the only animated forms on it. It has quite nice textures and nice analog flavour (mmm square waves, yummy!!) and it has also a lot of anger and energy so it has a bit of everything.

All the tracks are full-length, and can be downloaded entirely for free! Go for noisomatic now!


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