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Toke-Cha band (TokeCha) — one of the well known Russian music groups which plays ethnic and ethno-electronic music.

Musicians have named own style - Modern Ethnic Music. It is different rhythms on ethnic drums, beatbox, throat, east, african and russian singing, sound processors and about 300 musical instruments of the different countries of the world, which are in a personal collection of the band.

Sounding of Toke-Cha is very modern, because in the compositions musicians harmoniously mix such styles as BreakBeat, Drum’n’bass, Trip-Hop, Trance, Hip-Hop and Ambient with Folk and Ethnic music, instruments and songs of the different countries of the world.

The first concert the group played in 2001 in the native city - Moscow. Its popularity since then was starting to grow. Toke-Cha became the honorable participant of large festivals and television programs; their music sounds in many films and theatrical performances.

The leader and founder Toke-Cha – Bulat Gafarov, the composer and musician multi-instrumentalist.

Professionally play more than on 300 musical instruments, such as: electro-acoustic violin, various percussions, drums, didgeridoo, kalimba, flutes, vargans, gamelan, topshur, ocarinas, accordions, morin khuur, xylophone, yochin, koto, sitar, vocal (throat, east, african, russian singing, beatbox), synthesizers and other

At concerts Bulat plays at once on several musical instruments. For it his often name “One-man band”

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