Self Help Libraries


23 Nov 2010, 12:49

Having a library full of self-help books can be quite beneficial and emotionally helpful... as long as you are able to make order of any conflicting advice and self-analysis derived from them. That's why it's important to have a source which is used as the 'yard stick' by which all other material is compared and judged. This helps you to prioritize your library into those books which offer good, sound advice and those who's teachings might actually be detrimental.

The one book which is becoming more and more despised and ridiculed, and yet has withstood the test of time, culture, boundaries, persecution... and proven itself universal, is the compilation referred to as the Bible. It alone has that unique stamp of approval which comes from outside the veil of humanity. It alone occupies the position of being that one yard-stick book by which to judge all advice stemming from any other source.

Make sure it occupies a position in your library. Make sure you understand it's teachings as translated to your head by your heart. But absolutely be sure you have a relationship with the source of it's contents. Get to know Jesus.


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