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An independent DIY-minded record label hailing from Portland, OR USA. Heigh ho. | |

It’s now been over a decade since Krist Krueger, Self Group label founder and main songwriter for all label projects, opted to forgo renewing the lease on his apartment, simplified his belongings adopting an even more specific utilitarian lifestyle, got in his minivan and hit the road. What followed was three years of touring full time and living out of that minivan while couch surfing by the grace of friends, booking the next series of dates with venues while settling that evening’s performance and living a trucker’s life on the road as a working musician. “Let’s not pretend this is a romantic or utopian lifestyle. Most meals were in the form of noodles cooked by hot water from a truck stop coffeemaker, eaten while standing at a payphone calling promoters to book or advance shows on a calling card as I unfortunately didn’t have a dialer.” says Krueger of what the job actually entailed.

Self Group as a brand for Krueger’s music industry endeavors started in 2010, merging all of his other companies at the time under this one single umbrella. But the incarnation of exclusively being a record label and home to fully actualize his DIY vision, empowering himself to pursue and continue to control all aspects of his career as a musician and producer is rather nearer to the present day.

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